10 Ways To Boost Sales On Your Ecommerce Website


Entrepreneurship is for the brave. Launching an eCommerce website (NZ) to further increase sales is not for the faint of heart. 

The good thing is you can win this journey with the right mindset and techniques. You might be asking yourself the same questions other startup companies are wondering too. Read on to find out the answers:

How can I increase my online sales quickly?

  • Have Easy Navigation

For your customers to purchase your products easily, they should know how to find it first.


The key is to maintain a minimal yet appealing eCommerce website Auckland. Have tabs that are easy to read and organized.

  • Incorporate an Effective Search Bar

Aside from having a site that’s easy to navigate, a website that has a search bar can yield better results.

Having a search bar can make shopping more convenient too. Make sure to have one that yields relevant responses according to the customer’s needs. Having one with rapid-search mechanism can give you optimum results.

  • Keep Everything Simple

An easy payment system lets your customers have a worthwhile online shopping experience. When the checkout process is straightforward, they’re most likely to purchase and to come back. 

Famous eCommerce sites like Amazon are known for its one-click checkout. It’s an easy tip but a crucial aspect that can make or break your sales.

  • Offer Extra Features

Note that some customers buy products as a gift. So offering extra services might help you boost your sales. 

Services that might give your customers more reasons to buy include:

  • Wrapping
  • Receipts
  • Personalized notes
  • Returns
  • Have Visually Appealing Products

Your products are the backbone of your eCommerce business. So it’s smart to show them off in their best quality possible. 

Having a visually appealing and interesting product presentation are easy ways to grab your customer’s attention. 

You don’t have to hire professional photographers to get great photos. There are various ways to post-process your pictures without breaking the bank too. Customers are more likely to buy products with appealing photos so these extra steps are worth the hassle.

  • Give Ample Details

 The retail world has seen more efficient data-sharing over the years.

Today, you can now get basic information like sizing, colour, and availability in a few clicks. You can now also let your consumers know about:

  • How your products are made
  • How it will be shipped
  • What others say about it

Having proper product information is another crucial aspect of your customer’s decision-making process.

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  1. Have Trustworthy Shipping 

Before checking out, your customers should know about two things:

  • The shipping costs
  • Any additional charges 

When they’ve purchased the product, it’s also important they able to check the status of the shipment. 

So have an order tracking and history feature to automate your customer’s concerns.

  • Always Show Honesty

Feeling tricked is the last thing you want your customers to feel. So it’s ideal that your policies are in plain language. They should be stated upfront so your customers will know what exactly is the signing up for.

Two tips on that:

  • Place your policies in an easy-to-find corner
  • Show when it was last updated

Also, providing easy returns will help. Note that your product might not suit everyone so make it easy for unsatisfied customers. 

Your considerations will translate in your sales later on when you’ve proven your reputation as a trustworthy brand.

  • Be Human First

A personalized experience for the customer will go a long way. You’ll have good reviews and loyal shoppers in the long run. So you must foster a unique partnership with each of them.


Stop acting like salespeople and focus on providing a worthwhile experience for every customer.

In this way, they’ll realize how you value them as their clients. With proper rapport, your sales will skyrocket in no time.

  • Be Browser-Friendly

Screens can now fit almost everywhere—on your desk, in your bag, on your pocket, and even on your palms. So having an eCommerce website that runs smoothly on multiple browsers will most likely drive more sales. 

Online shoppers want an easy purchase. When you have a slow site whether, in a tablet or a phone, your bounce rate might go higher. 

Nothing’s more annoying than trying to buy something and its image is broken. 

Most successful eCommerce websites employ these tips:

  • They let users decide which version they want to view (depends on internet connection).
  • Test your site if they run smoothly on multiple platforms (aside from Safari and Google Chrome).

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How do eCommerce sites help in selling?

As the internet is a powerful platform for almost anything, eCommerce websites can help you reach a wider set of a target market. Millions of buyers search online for things to buy. 

With the pandemic and the current health hazards in going outside, eCommerce websites can save the day. 

Online shopping is here and it’s not going away anytime soon. If you’re thinking about having a startup business, eCommerce is for you because:

  • It has a lower set up and running costs 
  • You can operate the business from anywhere
  • It’s less time-intensive
  • It provides higher margins and better cash flow

How social media can increase online sales?

The power of social media in increasing online sales is also astonishing. Why?

  • Almost every person in the world is on social media
  • Your prospect audience can reach out to you in a few clicks
  • You can curate posts that reach your target market

How can I generate more sales online?

Generating sales online involve basic things:

  • A well-built eCommerce website
  • A strong branding
  • Plausible customer follow-through

The 10 ways to boost sales on your eCommerce website listed above are a few of the basic things you should consider. They’re easy steps that don’t require mad skills to employ. 

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