Ads Supply Review – The Simple Way to Create Ad Campaigns


Over the years, advertising has undergone many significant changes. It does not only involve the traditional strategies, platforms, and big marketing companies and brands, but it has made itself accessible to anyone who has Internet.    

In the digital age, we can do almost everything online, including advertising. One of the biggest challenges in online advertising lies in the platform of choice. The chosen advertising platform must have outstanding features, a user-friendly interface, and a large audience to help generate lots of targetted traffic. One of those platforms is, and in this Ads Supply review, we’ll walk you through this platform and how it works.       

What is the Ads Supply platform? 

Ads Supply is a self-service digital advertising platform that provides its users (i.e., marketers) advanced tools and features to create and run online advertising campaigns for advertisers. The platform claims to be suitable for both marketing experts and newbies alike, offering an intuitive interface that can help anyone, even with no previous digital marketing experience, create and launch banner ad campaigns within a short time.  

How can you make money using the platform?  

Ads Supply enables marketers to earn commissions based on the Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) model. What it means basically is that you make revenue every time your ad generates a new lead. In a nutshell, Ads Supply works as a bridge between online marketers and CPL advertisers.  

Unlike in other online advertising venues, there is no need for you to sell anything on Ads Supply. The banner ad campaigns you create will be displayed on various publisher networks and hundreds (in some cases, even thousands) of third-party websites, promoting the products and services of different online merchants and brands. For every lead your ad generates, you’ll receive a commission.    

How can you start advertising?

I have had the chance to use Ads Supply first-hand, and I must say that it is quite simple to use. First, you have to create an account. Once done, use your log-in details to enter the platform. Assuming you’ve already chosen your desired package (see more details below), you can now start creating your first banner ad campaign. There are two ways to do it: accessing “Marketplace” and creating custom campaigns. 

First, go to the dashboard on the left side and click on “Marketplace.” It will direct you to a page where you’ll be offered ready-to-use marketing campaigns that you can choose from, available in different categories or industries. 

Once you have chosen the campaign, click on “Purchase” at the bottom, and then you will be prompted to write a campaign name. Next, simply click on “Buy Now” to start running your new banner ad campaign.   

If you’re not satisfied with the option of the ready-made campaigns, you also have the opportunity to customize them through the “Custom Campaign” feature.  

To start, first name your campaign and then select its duration (1-5 weeks). Second, select the category, the campaign’s budget, and the image. Third, define your target audience based on the topic, country, language, and device. Fourth, choose a headline that best suits your ad campaign. The final step is to click on the “Save & Launch Campaign,” and that’s it, you’re done!  

Both options only take a few minutes to complete, and you can check the progress of your campaigns by clicking on “My Campaigns” on the dashboard.     


Before we cover the different packages which Ads Supply offers, note that you need to make a minimum initial deposit of $250 to start creating ad campaigns using the platform. With that being said, let’s discuss a few packages:   


In the Starter Package, you get a 30% welcome value add-on, a platform guide, and one live training session. 


With the Silver Package, you get a platform guide, five live training sessions, and a monthly market review. 


The Gold Package comes with a platform guide, ten live training sessions, a monthly market review, a marketing eBook, and an introductory academy session, among others. 

Bottom line

Ads Supply’s simplicity is its major benefit. It’s easy to use, and the whole process of creating a new banner ad campaign is quite simple and straightforward. Overall, the platform can be a solid option, especially for newbie online marketers who are just starting their digital marketing journey.