Botnation: The best chatbot for your business


In this digital age, chatbots have become a must-have and help businesses popularize their brand image. Botnation is one of the most loved bot platforms because of the many benefits it provides. This tool can be used by all entrepreneurs and allows access to a multitude of services.

Create your chatbot in a simple way

Botnation is a platform that makes it easy for businesses to create a chatbot. With its features, it is used to create all types of chatbots. It is a tool that anyone can use. All you need is some basic knowledge.

In large companies, botnation can be used to manage appointments or to follow up orders. To do this, you have to follow some important steps once you have registered on the platform. With this tool, you no longer need to subscribe to the services of a specialist.

On botnation, to create a bot free, you have two options. Either you decide to start from a template or you start from a blank page. The first option helps you to have a bot template. The rest will just consist of taking sequences. The second option allows you to design your tool yourself.

Botnation for a free chatbot

Some social networks like Facebook are nowadays used by companies to interact with their customers. To popularize the different activities you carry out in your company, you can adopt this solution too. In this sense, botnation will help you create appropriate chatbots for Messenger through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Once your bot is integrated with Facebook, interacting with your customers becomes a very easy thing. Since many people use this social network, you have the opportunity to gain customers. Also, thanks to botnation, you have the possibility to connect your company’s chatbot to other tools to manage your appointments.

To create your Facebook bot on botnation, you must necessarily customize your company’s interface. This preliminary operation allows you to easily set up the chatbot so that it can respond well to customer concerns. To do the personalization, you must necessarily fill in your :

  • name and surname ;
  • email address ;
  • user status.

It is after all this that you can set up your Facebook bot. In case of difficulties in creating your bot, botnation has provided a space where you can click to get help.

A tool with many features

Botnation users can create very complex chatbots with different sequences. These bots are able to respond based on the geographical location of customers.

Moreover, with botnation, you can easily export data to Zapier to mine your chatbot’s data. The platform also analyzes your bot from time to time to identify inconsistencies. This is done thanks to A/B tests that improve the efficiency as well as the conversations on your chatbot.

Botnation: a very efficient and economical tool

Botnation is very economical for companies. Indeed, the platform offers two types of services to its users: free and paid. For the free service, you don’t have to pay anything for the creation of a bot and other services.

With botnation, when you create a chatbot for free, it will be unique and perfect for your different activities. Also, the services go beyond what is offered by specialists in the field. However, some operations are irreversible. If you make a mistake, you will have to start all over again.

The paid botnation formula is set up to give certain privileges to users. For example, it allows companies to try out chatbots and add certain features before launching them. Naturally, subscribing to this formula allows for an even more interesting return.