How Can Hiring DevOps with AWS Expertise Help Businesses Grow?


DevOps has been one of the most in-demand IT jobs lately, with almost every far-sighted business looking to invest in one. DevOps specialists have the cross-functional expertise to bring together the development and operations processes, which are typically performed by two different departments within an organization. They can utilize their unique skill set to elevate the capabilities of both IT and software teams and help businesses scale into the future.

Today, many large enterprises can afford to hire an accomplished DevOps professional to work for them full-time or even allocate the resources to grow talents themselves. However, smaller companies that want a quick boost in performance and productivity at minimal cost prefer to hire third-party DevOps service providers like Dedicatted to help them build an agile and automated infrastructure, improve their software delivery, accelerate time to release, and leverage the power of the cloud.

Reasons to hire an AWS-certified DevOps

There is a clear link between DevOps and AWS, which is Amazon’s cloud platform that incorporates a variety of infrastructures, including platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). AWS offers the kind of services that require the introduction of DevOps within the organization.

A DevOps engineer will design and implement complex automation solutions to ensure continuous delivery and integration processes. A DevOps with AWS expertise will also help provide operations and migration services that allow customizing the accessibility and delivery of cloud computing services following the business’s technical and commercial requirements.

Here is a list of benefits a company can gain from using AWS DevOps services:

  • deploy updates and fixes on the go and as quickly as needed
  • introduce enhanced workflow process automation
  • make automated visualization scripts
  • design practices and procedures for system upkeep and troubleshooting
  • develop tools that help pinpoint issues and reduce their incidence
  • plan for applications and infrastructure
  • create and maintain CI/CD pipelines
  • monitor development security

When should companies hire an AWS DevOps specialist?

An AWS DevOps Engineer is a crucial position to fill in during the early phases of growth for many software organizations. They can manage the company’s infrastructure in addition to managing software development responsibilities, assist in the crucial phases of launching a new product by enabling teams to deliver more dependable solutions within a shorter time, and provide in-house IT and development teams with the guidance necessary to enlarge their current technical capabilities.