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What is a Dedicated Server?

Similar to most of the site owners, you would have thought of shared hosting when there was a need to launch a website. Because it is considered to be one of the cheapest options available if you have constraints concerning the budget.

A dedicated server is mainly a single computer in the network which is reserved for serving the network requirements.  For instance, some of the networks would need that a single computer would be kept aside for communication management between different computers. Dedicated Servers can also be computers that are designed to manage printer resources.

In the hosting business, a dedicated server mainly operates as a rented service. Users would rent the server, application software and a working internet connection for these servers to work. Multiple Cheap Dedicated Server are present in the industry. One of the variants of this which is Germany Dedicated Servers provides the highest level of security and performance if companies want to handle a large amount of traffic.

In the following section, there would be a description of some of the available dedicated servers that are used in the industry.

Best Available Dedicated Servers

We would now be looking at some of the best available dedicated servers that are currently present in the IT Sector. Let us now take a look at them,

  1. Gaming Dedicated Server

In today’s world, the gaming industry has changed quite vastly. The devices that are conventionally utilized for gaming have now diversified and there is a lot of flexibility nowadays. These days, users would be able to connect to the players around the world and compete in multiplayer versions of it. Some of the game genres mainly the MMRPG or the Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Games require the use of gaming dedicated servers so that they do not get crashed midway.

Companies need to have France and Germany Dedicated Server specialized for gaming so that it can handle high-quality graphics and fps rates so that they do not lag. Using Gaming Dedicated Servers, companies would enable the players to do more customizations in the games, and even enjoy live multiplayer versions of it without any possible lags.

  1. Storage Dedicated Server

Companies are very dependent upon data for running their daily operations. For example, if the company deals with data analysis, they would need to analyze tons and tons of data that they have collected. They would need to carry out the market analysis and other different operations for this.

This is where the concept of storage dedicated servers comes into the forefront. These servers would be able to store large amounts of data, and even acting as an effective backup if any unforeseen eventuality occurs. When choosing the perfect storage dedicated server, you must look at its overall performance statistics, the overall storage range and also the price-storage ratio.

These servers are specially built to access, store and effectively manage all of the digital data, files, and services perfectly. All of this information can be accessed over a shared network or through the Internet.

  1. Windows Dedicated Server

As the name suggests, Windows Dedicated Server is specifically crafted for hosting the Microsoft Windows Application and Solutions essential for the company. There are so many applications currently supported by Windows and we also have the latest version of the Operating System Windows 10 which is used by many companies around the world.

It is therefore essential that these Germany and France Dedicated Server crafted for Windows would be able to handle the load of the business applications. These servers must be resilient, have an optimum amount of security measures assigned to it and must provide good performance. Plus, these servers should not just be dedicated to only one Windows version, but for all of them. These servers must have a dedicated uptime as well so that any critical applications would not have problems.

  1. Streaming Dedicated Server

Over the past couple of years, video streaming services have been increasingly popular. There are so many companies that are providing HD video streaming now, and having that kind of content online will require a hosting service that is running on a streaming dedicated server.

Some of the main things that need to followed when it comes to streaming dedicated servers would involve that users can broadcast the content online and in real-time with no glitches. Also, while choosing a dedicated server for this, companies need to have an almost limitless bandwidth to host all that video. It is therefore for this reason that you can select an unmetered dedicated server with no limitation of bandwidth and giving the users a premium hosting experience with no additional expenses at all.

  1. VPN Dedicated Server

Having a VPN Dedicated Server is one of the vital steps that can be taken by the Network Security team in terms of protecting your shared machines. If anyone wants to encrypt the internet traffic from the outside, then these users need to connect to the VPN Dedicated Servers. Once the users are inside the ambit of these servers then there is a minimal chance of external hacking attempts.

The reason for this additional protection is because these dedicated servers provide users with the same IP Address for every user that is connected to them. This also ensures that all of the digital activities would not be traced back. It is therefore important for companies to have a VPN Dedicated Server present in terms of security.

  1. Proxy Dedicated Server

Proxies are mainly used by internet users, and these include marketing programs and multiple other applications where proxies are required. Proxy Dedicated Servers would hide the public IP Addresses that are assigned by the respective Internet Service Provider.

It is important to understand that proxies are used if you want to carry out an anonymous web surfing for hiding user privacy and safeguarding it. Also, these proxy dedicated servers can be used for social media marketing, web scraping, and even identifying sneaker bots among other benefits.


As we have seen above, some of these dedicated servers are highly secure and they are used by almost all of the companies when it comes to securing their network and even reaping additional benefits that come out of it.