How to choose a solar company?


Switching to a photovoltaic solar energy system is a big decision and requires a thorough review of your options. Here are five simple rules that will help you choose the best solar company for your home or business. 

Rule 1: Research and list solar companies in your area

Does your family or neighbor know a reliable solar company? Or do you want to do a solid Google search? Whichever course you take, it is important to find a few solar panel providers who actually operate in your area. A solar company can be found via Google or Yelp and it is vital you include your city, county or state name in your search. Make a list of the solar companies you have gathered and once you are satisfied with their number, you can narrow down your search, as suggested in the next step.

Rule 2: Check for reviews and credentials

You can divide the list into small local operators and large-scale nation-wide solar companies. The latter will probably have more reviews, but a solar company servicing your area may actually provide you with references from their customers. This may be easier to verify – get in your car and see their work for yourself. In both cases run a Google search for “opinions” or “reviews” and do not hesitate to contact a solar company if you find their online references convincing. Make sure you also scan their websites for “recent installations”, “FAQ” and client testimonies. It is your right to find a solar company you can trust. 

Rule 3: Essentials a solar company can offer

As with everything these days, solar companies also need to fit certain standards. There are a few things to consider before you decide on your solar panel provider:

  • License – a solar company needs to be licensed by your state so that your investment is fully legal and all the paperwork is handled properly by your service provider.
  • Standards – apart from a license, a solar company may have other credentials, such as the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). It is not obligatory as the state license, but it sure gives you ideas about the reputation of the company you may decide for.
  • Warranties – if a solar company offers a warranty, it is better to find out beforehand what is included. This may significantly influence your decision in terms of finance. 

Rule 4: Budget for a solar company

You know your plan for your investment – how big the building is, what kind of roofing it has and how much money you have to finance your solar panels. It is time you look into the financing details offered by different solar panel providers you have listed and trusted after reading their various credentials. You can either purchase or lease your solar system – if you have any doubts, a solar company will have a consultant who can provide you with a good quote and options it includes. 

Good luck finding your perfect solar company!