Our Purchase Guard Review: An Easier Way to Resolve Purchase Disputes!


There are a lot of ways that things can go wrong when you order an item online. You might get the wrong color of the item, perhaps your order was sent to the wrong address, your product was put on backorder, or maybe your credit card has been charged the wrong amount for your purchase.         

Whatever the issue may be, it’s often hard to find a resolution that works – both for online shoppers and merchants. But with Purchase Guard, available at Purchase-guard.com, it’s easier than ever for you to reach a resolution that works for both parties – and resolve your dispute quickly and fairly.

In this Purchase Guard review, we’ll be taking a look at the Purchase Guard platform, and discuss the basics of this dispute resolution service. Read on to get more details about how it works and how you can use Purchase Guard to resolve disputes in a fair manner.

What Is Purchase Guard? Understanding The Basics of This Dispute Resolution Platform

Purchase Guard is a dispute resolution platform that’s designed to encourage safe and secure online shopping for shoppers and to help online merchants resolve customer disputes quickly, and by that also to reduce negative customer reviews.    

Using Purchase Guard, you can easily file a dispute with a merchant and get your issue resolved. For example, with Purchase Guard, you can file a dispute in case one of the scenarios described at the beginning of this review actually happened to you too (to list a few), when you purchase something online.

When using Purchase Guard, the evidence of your claim will be reviewed, and one of PG’s representatives will negotiate a resolution to your issue with the merchant to reach an agreement and ensure that both parties are satisfied.

How Do I File a Dispute with Purchase Guard? An Overview ofthe Process

Wondering how Purchase Guard works? Here’s how to file a dispute with this platform.


  • Open up an account at Purchase GuardFirst, register at Purchase Guard. Doing so is free and straightforward. Once you sign up, you’ll need to enter your name, address, and other personal information to continue.



  • Log in and enter your informationLog into your account and enter detailed information about the product you purchased and the retailer (or merchant) where you purchased the item from, to begin the dispute process.



  • Upload evidence/documentationYou can upload any documents that support your claim using a built-in feature to strengthen your case.
  • Purchase Guard will contact your merchantOnce your dispute has been filed, Purchase Guard’s representatives will contact the merchant on your behalf and begin working out a solution.
  • Your dispute will be resolved You’ll then be informed of the solution for your issue. If it’s acceptable, your case will be closed.


As you can see, the platform is user-friendly, and filing a dispute is quite simple.

Why Use Purchase Guard Instead ofContacting Directly the Credit Card Issuer or Bank?

You may be wondering – what’s the point of having PG be the middle-man between buyers and sellers? There are a few benefits of doing so.

  • You can resolve your issue faster. Turning to a bank or credit card issuer for a chargeback can be a lengthy, stressful process – especially compared to the speedy service offered by Purchase Guard.

  • Your conflict with the merchant won’t be escalated, which means you’ll be able to get a better solution for your dispute.

  • Both sides can benefit from using their services. PG negotiates thousands of disputes monthly, and can always find a solution that’s fair and agreed by both the consumers and online merchants.

Give Purchase Guard a Try – See Its Benefits for Yourself!   


In our Purchase Guard review, we’ve found this tool to be highly useful when negotiating with online merchants. But don’t take our word for it. It’s free to try it out, so visit the Purchase Guard website now to get started.