The Different Types of Laser Cutting Machines


You’ve heard of laser cutting and maybe know how it works, so as about water cutting machine , but are you aware of the different types of laser cutting machines? That’s right, there are various units that help you laser cut your materials. You most likely want to have the perfect one for your tasks, so knowing what every device does will send you one step ahead.

Without further ado, here are the types of laser cutting machines that you can find:

  • Robotic Laser Cutting Machine

This is a 3D cutting method, and it’s convenient because you can pretty much access it from anywhere. You can control the power of the process, and there is more flexibility too. The laser cutting head is provided with autofocus sensors, as well as a multi-axis mechanical arm. It’s a great choice if you want something powerful, yet easy to control.

  • Axis Laser Cutting Machine

Basically, axis laser cutting machines can do both 2D and 3D cutting when it comes to metal sheets. Such a device is able to operate quickly and save you a lot of time. Not to mention that it also has cost-effective outputs.

  • Rotary Laser Cutting Machine

This type of laser cutting machine is the best method if you want to replace milling, sawing or drilling. It makes it suitable for when you need to cut steel pipes and tubes. But those methods aren’t always doing the cutting too precisely, which is why rotary laser cutter machines are a blessing. They can work with tubes of multiple shapes while working quickly and efficiently. They also come with reduced production costs.

  • Large Format Laser Cutting Machine

For specific industries such as automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace or metal sheet fabrication, large format laser cutting units are the ones to turn to. They have a 2D large format profile laser cutter. They are so popular thanks to their cost-effective results and their efficiency.

  • Small Format Laser Cutting Machine

Small format laser cutters need very little maintenance and are suitable for metals and nonmetals. They are able to cut materials very accurately thanks to the adjustable Z-axis. One of their key features is having the possibility to be adjusted so that the focal length can be maintained.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the different types of laser cutting machines can definitely be useful when you want to decide which one to buy. Look over this list, and you can definitely find the right unit for you.