Top 9 Rise of Kingdoms Tips for Beginners


Friendly-tips for mobile gamers who are interested in Rise of Kingdoms, one of the most popular real-time strategies with millions of downloads.

Rise of Kingdoms first hit the mobile app store in 2018 and quickly became everybody’s favorite strategy game.

If you are new to Rise of Kingdoms, you might be a bit overwhelmed with all the gameplay and modes that it has to offer. But it is actually straightforward and simple, designed to cater to the majority of mobile gamers who want to be able to enjoy real-time strategy on the go.

In this guide, I am going to share top 9 Rise of Kingdoms tips for beginners to get started with conquering the kingdoms for themselves. Follow these tips and you shall become the king of your kingdom (it’s a good feeling, right?)

Without further ado, here’s top 9 Rise of Kingdoms tips to get your trail blazing right away.

Tip 1: Choose Strong Civilizations

As of current the meta civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms as it follows are:

  • Arabia
  • Germany
  • Britain
  • Byzantium


If you are a bloodthirsty player like me who wants to be able to sweep enemies with full brute force on the offensive side. Arabia is the perfect civilization to start with since they have one of the highest attack stats out of all.

Plus, their special unit is Mamluk, which is an unique cavalry unit exclusive to players who are playing as Arabia. Baibars is also your starting commander and he is one of the best epic commanders that has splash damage capabilities.

Whether you are looking to play mainly for PvP or PvE, you will find out that Arabia is the perfect civilization for playing offensive. Your rallied armies will do more damage and you will lead the battlefield with powerful offensive commanders.


Another solid civilization to start playing in Rise of Kingdoms is Germany. You get 5% cavalry attack bonus, increased training speed and faster action point recovery rate.

This means you can attack barbarians and barbarian forts more often to loot even bigger rewards which is absolutely must for events such as Eve of the Crusade.

Teutonic Knight is a unique unit for Germany who excels at taking heavy blows thanks to increased defense value.


Players who prefer to play on the defense side will see why Britain is the best civilization to start with. It’s because this civilization has 20% more garrison capacity.

Which means you can have more troops in your city. Additionally, your allies can send more troops to stations in your city. This makes city bombing a very popular tactic in Rise of Kingdoms.

Britain’s unique unit is Longbowman who is an expert marksman at dealing significant damage.


Some players would prefer to play with big army size. But in Rise of Kingdoms, a big army comes with a big cost. If you don’t have enough hospital capacity, some of your troops will die.

Byzantium comes with increased hospital capacity that makes it possible for you to command even more troops and minimize the amount of losses that you suffer during the battlefield.

Also cavalry troops get 5% health with this civilization and their unique unit is Cataphract. Which makes Byzantine quite a tanky civilization to play with.

Tip 2: Join Top Alliances

For love of god’s sake, join top alliances. You will be surprised by how willing they are to take in new players and help them grow.

Rise of Kingdoms’ gaming mentality is very different compared to other games. They follow this mindset: Experience players help new gamers grow.

This allows the community to grow and flourish. New gamers will get to familiarize the gameplay, strategies, commanders, units. Eventually they become experienced and pass on their knowledge to the next generation of beginners.

Tip 3: Do Daily Quests

One of the easiest ways to make advances for your city is to do daily quests. They give you a lot of rewards such as tokens for food, wood, stone and gold.

If you reach 100 Daily Quest Points, you will be able to unlock the final chest which rewards you with a golden key. Then you can use that key to open the golden chest which you will have a chance to obtain legendary commanders.

Legendary commanders are much more powerful and come with better stats and skills that make you strong on the battlefield.

Tip 4: Defenders Has The Advantage

In Rise of Kingdoms, never ever launch any attacks against enemy players on your own. Why? The defenders have advantage in this game.

This means you will lose your troops if you attack any enemy players. But the defenders do not lose their troops when defending their city.

Many players make this mistake early in their gaming career. If you want to attack a player, do it with high tier troops or launch a rally army with your alliance members to maximize damage and reduce damage taken.

Tip 5: Do Expedition Mode

To power level your commanders, you need to do expedition mode. This can be done by visiting the menu tab on the lower right corner on your device’s screen.

Then tap on Campaign and tap on Expedition. It will bring you to the Expedition Map which you need to defeat each mission in order to get rewards.

The more stages you complete, the more rewards you will get on a daily basis. Best of all, your stage progression gets saved.

Which means if you complete 40 stages with 3 stars, you will get rewards for these stages every day with a single tap to collect them.

It’s the easiest way to level up your commanders quickly to be able to do high-level events and challenge stronger barbarians.

Tip 6: Save Your Action Points

A very cool trick to extending your action points so that you can kill more barbarians for more experience.

To do this, you need a primary commander with active splash damage skill. Commanders like Aethelflaed, Baibars and even Hannibal Barca will do the job.

Dispatch an army to attack a group of barbarian. Stack only with infantry since they are tanky and slow moving. Then drag your army to the next group of barbarians.

When the primary commander activates their active skill, it will hit another group of barbarians — pulling them into combat without spending your action points at all!

Tip 7: Maximize Your Gathering Rate

Did you know that there’s several ways you can do to maximize your gathering rate in Rise of Kingdoms. In fact, you actually can increase your gathering rate by 80%, cutting hours of gathering to just minutes.

Here’s how to do this: pick two gathering commanders with gathering rate skill and pair them to harvest resource points on the map.

Make sure the resource point is within your alliance territory so that you can get a 25% gathering rate boost. A nice perk to have if you are in an alliance.

Runes which are dropped around the holy sites also do give you gathering buffs upwards to 20%. Pick them up and activate it to further boost your overall gathering rate.

Then you should see the timer of gathering on the resource points decrease from hours and hours to just merely minutes. This is great if you need to bring in millions of resources, fast.

Tip 8: Use Specialized Commanders

What are specialized commanders? Typically it means a commander who specializes in a specific troop unit.

For instance, Cao Cao specializes in cavalry troops which means if you stack cavalry with him then all of the cavalry troops under his leadership will get massive attack, defense and health bonus.

Likewise, Alexander the Great specializes in infantry and stacking infantry only will gain massive stats boost.

To maximize your combat effectiveness on the battlefield and within your city, make sure you stack troops with the right commander to get these awesome stats bonus.

They will definitely help you win in moments of heat and reduce your losses.

Tip 9: Most Importantly, Have Fun

Rise of Kingdoms is different than most mobile games you will ever play. The community is friendly, always helpful and ready to give you support whenever you need.

There’s plenty of things to do in the game from battling against players, doing the events and even hunting barbarians for rewards as a free-to-play player.

Of course, there will be some pay-to-win players in your kingdom. Unlike other mobile app games, they are not going to whale around in your kingdom.

Instead, they are going to help your kingdom grow and have a mindset to protect the kingdom which makes Rise of Kingdoms a dynamic, yet entertaining to play.


These top 9 Rise of Kingdoms tips for beginners should help you get started with your journey.

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