Types Of Door Locks And Security Systems For Your Entrances


Today’s age is one where we are exposed to so many options for security measures. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about entrance security? Maybe you first think of alarm systems, fire-rated doors, or CCTV cameras that help safeguard your spaces and monitor your areas.

Doors: your first measure of protection

But what many people usually look to when it comes to entrance security are the standard Automatic Sliding Door Opener door locks like tumbler locks and other similar devices that serve as the first measure of protection. They may still be widely used today, but did you know that they aren’t exactly the most secure option that you can get? These days, many intruders, burglars, thieves, and other trespassers have been wisening up to them. It’s now easy to get ahold of lock picking devices and other tools that could easily break your locks or weaken them. Sound scary? How about the fact that most trespassers have confessed that the most common point of entry into your home or any space is through the front door?

When it comes to security, it’s obvious that you have to focus on your doorways and entrances so that you can feel safe and secure. So what are your options when it comes to securing your door safely? Door security can take many forms. Here are some of the ones that you need to consider.

Door frames



A door is only as secure as its weakest material. A high-tech lock or one made of the strongest metal would be of no use if the structure of your door is made flimsy and weak. Your doors should be made out of a sturdy material that can withstand wear and tear, and potentially decades of use. Most doors for residential use are made out of strong wood, while others are made out of metals and other durable materials.  Avoid hollow core doors or doors made out of cheaper materials as they are more likely to break or splinter when enough force is applied to them. Whatever you choose, make sure that you have carefully weighed the pros and cons of each material before proceeding.

Door locks



The second, and perhaps most important part of door security, is the type of lock that you will utilise to prevent unwanted entry or exit. Normal doors have a doorknob with a lock to secure the door in place, but normally these types of doors are not enough to secure your home. Exterior doors usually have an extra lock to further strengthen the security of your door.

Of course, if you want better security for your door, you can always invest in an electronic door lock. Electronic door locks are locks that utilise digital or other types of technology to grant access. There are many types of electronic door locks that you can choose from. Some require you to input a unique password or passcode to grant entry, some can be controlled remotely via smartphones and other gadgets, others require the use of access cards or remotes instead of the easily replicable key, and other, more advanced door locks identify users and homeowners via the use of biometric data such as fingerprints, voice recognition, and face recognition.

Other security systems and solutions



Offices and other places of business will generally have tighter security than your average home, and will employ many security methods to help guard their workplaces. Some examples of this include alarm systems, attendance systems, visitor management systems, and video surveillance for doors and other entryways. You may also find that gates can also be reinforced with locks as well as doors.

Most doorways have bolstered security by way of secondary locks on their doors. When planning out the security of your main entrance, it’s important for you to explore the variety of security solutions available to you and the countless number of combinations of security measures that you can use for your entrances.

Choosing the right lock for your gates and doors


Torn between getting a digital door lock or another type of door lock for your entrance? Not all locks will be appropriate for use on your door, so homeowners need to be well acquainted with the choices they can make regarding door and gate locks. Here are just a few of the most common locks for doors and gates.

Deadbolt lock


Typical exterior doors will have a separate lock that operates a deadbolt, which is a metal bar or rod that secures the door frame and holds the door in place. When properly installed, deadbolt locks are quite secure and do the job very well. They are also more resistant to tampering and breakage compared to your standard manual locks. For this reason, it is a very popular and widespread choice for many homeowners.

Chain or slide locks



 These types of locks are great as an addition to a more secure lock. It lets you open the door slightly so you can peer outside or into your space, but prevents the door from being opened fully because of a chain that secures the door in place.

Mortise locks


Mortise locks used to be popular in older styles of buildings but fell out of popularity. Recently, it’s catching on again in many commercial buildings and other spaces. This type of lock requires a pocket of space to be cut for the lock to be slid into place. As this is one of the more complex types of locks, they are considered much more secure than most locks seen in residential buildings or places.

Electronic locks


The electronic lock is perhaps the most secure type of lock that you can get for your property. Of these electronic locks, there are countless features that you can explore to tailor the security of your entrance as you see fit. Each type of lock has its own distinct set of advantages and disadvantages so homeowners or business managers should compare each of them.

Electronic locks, while more secure than physical locks, may also have disadvantages that may make you reconsider. A lock with no power may mean that it is much more difficult to enter or exit the vicinity, and some types of locks can be more inconvenient if you are used to receiving more visitors.

Whatever the lock type that you pick, ensure that you make a reasonable payoff between convenience and security. It’s never too late to upgrade the security of your home and there are many advanced security measures that you could be missing out on.

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