Use WP Sticky plugin to customize your webpage


Often people will glance over a webpage for a few seconds before they click another link and go to a different page. This is why it is important to capture the visitor’s attention within the first few seconds of them opening your webpage. If you are able to present the most interesting and captivating element of your website immediately after a person open’s your page then you have a high chance of increasing traction in your page. As we all know the more time a customer spends on your page the higher chances of him or her doing business on that page. You can use WP sticky plugin to customize and design your website and bring up the most interesting element on top. This plugin allows you to pin any element on top of your page so you are able to attract a visitor’s attention immediately after they open your page. All you have to do is to log to and then select the anchor “sticky menu” which will help you use this plugin.

Key features of this plugin

 There are many different plugins available in the market that helps you to customize your website. The WP Sticky plugin gives you access to a multitude of features that helps you to turn your website into a stylish and captivating page. You can select any element you want; it can be a menu, a post, a picture or any other widget and then instantly turn it into a sticky element that appears on top of your page. You do not need any technical knowledge or coding to get this done. You can simply drag and drop the element you want to sticky. Since the process to sticky an element is very fast you will be able to keep your page updated. You can sticky a breaking news story or even a banner for the next sale. Depending on your requirement you can also change the element whenever you want. This plugin also has the unique feature that allows you to sticky more than one element on top of your page. This is helpful if you are having multiple sale offers on your page or you want to run an opinion poll.

Reasons to turn on ‘guest posting’

Often the best way to get traction on a webpage is through interaction and a high Domain Authority score. You can turn on the ‘write to us’ option and get good quality content for free. It will also increase the traction you get on your page. Many website owners take advantage of this feature and allow guest posting. The writer gets to publish his or her work and you are able to attract new readers. This feature helps you reach to people who otherwise might have never opened your page. You can check  and check out some of the “guest posting sites” to get a glimpse on how it is helpful to writers as well as website owners.