What Should You Know Before Revamping An Existing Business Website?


From time to time, it is good to revamp your business website to give it a fresh look at feel. Outdated websites with stale content do not perform well among the customers and also in the search results. Therefore, if you have an old website, which you are thinking of revamping to give it a facelift, then you are in the right direction and your website certainly needs something like that.

Designing a totally new website and revamping an existing business websites are totally different things. You cannot go about the same way to redesign or revamp an existing website, the way you would handle designing a brand new website.

Ask yourself why you want to revamp your website and in what way you would like to improve the quality of your website? What are the things that you would like to see changed? Only when you have these questions answered you will be able to move to the next stage.

Moreover, if your website has been online for quite some time, then it is likely to have a history of its own and the search engines would have picked up your website and would be ranking your website for various keywords. You need to take these factors also into account before you blindly go ahead to redesign your website. You should not lose the existing ranking of your website because it is not easy to get your web pages ranked again. You need to first audit your website fully with the help of experienced Glasgow web designers. It is best to involve the SEO professionals also in this process so that they could help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website in terms of search engine ranking.

Once you have a complete picture of your website’s current status, you need to find the best agency for website design Glasgow could possibly offer to execute the revamping tasks. Get a detailed proposal from your website design agency on what exactly they would do and what are the things that would change with your website.

As you would be working on a live website, your website would be down for a certain period. It is important to keep this window as short as possible so that your customers and people who are visiting your website do not face trouble accessing your business for too long. All the revamping work has to be done on a different server and the final website needs to be uploaded to the current location of your website. This requires a lot of planning and you would not want to rush to execute your project without addressing all the above concerns. Only the most experienced companies would be able to execute this project smoothly. You should therefor find the best company by carefully screening various service providers in the industry. Once you manage to find the best website redesign company, you will be able to enjoy complete peace of mind.