What Would Happen if You Owned a Real Lightsaber 


Who doesn’t want to be a Jedi? Force powers, space adventures, and best of all, a real lightsaber. But what would happen if you really owned one? Let’s take a look at the weird science and even weirder realities of actually having your own lightsaber. What you find out might just be out of this world!

  • Science – The science on this one is a little rough around the edges. Lasers are just concentrated beams of light and those beams shoot off into space rather than stopping at a clean three feet. There’s also the issue of powering such a strong beam in such a small space. Not to mention the heat these things would likely generate! But, Star Wars isn’t great because it limits itself to known technology. Let’s embrace the sci-fi here and move on.
  • Training – Anyone who has ever studied martial arts knows that they don’t just start handing out katanas on day one. Jedi are masters of an ancient and powerful art, not to mention the Force. If you’re going to have a lightsaber, might as well train to be a Jedi. But if real lightsabers existed in our world, we would come up with some strange ways to use them…
  • Fun – Forgot the key to your bike lock? Is your toast not toasted enough? What about that last minute ice sculpting competition? If lightsabers were real we would see people using them for all sorts of things Yoda never could have foreseen. Next time you’re watching a cooking show or at a ballet, just ask yourself: What if they had a few lightsabers?
  • Adventure – The Star Wars universe is all about adventure. Teaming up with your friends, fighting the bad guys, and traveling to new and strange worlds. If the technology that makes lightsabers possible existed, we would no doubt find ways to use that for all kinds of other uses. Just like Han Solo, we’d be cruising the galaxy trying to top his speed on the Kessel Run.

If you owned a real lightsaber not just your life, but our world would be changed forever. We’d have lightsaber barbeque contests here on Earth while people used advanced technology to travel the solar system and beyond.