3 Things to Make Your Google Sheets Graphs Look Better


Google Sheets has a lot of great formatting features to make your charts appears more professional and attractive from a visual perspective.  As Sheets users learn how to utilize these features to their advantage, they can produce clean attractive looking documents that will communicate their source data in a professional manner.  Some of these Google Sheets chart formatting features include Gridlines, Trendlines, Data Tables and Chart Filters.

We can examine each of these items to better understand how you can use them to help make your Google Sheets charts look and communicate better.

Add a Legend to the Chart

Legends are an essential feature of making your Google Sheets charts more readable.  Legends are normally added to charts to identify the main data fields alongside of the graphical chart components and can easily be implemented in a Sheets chart.  Legends will allow users to clearly associate data fields via color coding alongside the chart graphic.  Activating a Legend on an Google Sheets chart can be completed by selecting the Legend Position on the dropdown menu in the Legend section of the Chart Editor Panel.

Displaying Data Trends with Trendlines

Trendlines are an effective tool for showing movement in your data.  Trendlines are used to visually represent trends in chart data over time and can easily be implemented in an Google Sheets chart.  Turning on and off Trendlines on a Google Sheets chart is a pretty simple process, all one needs to do is to toggle the trendline checkbox options boxes on or off in the Series section of the Chart Editor Panel.

Use Gridlines to Visually Segment Your Data

Gridlines are a useful tool to visually show changes in values on an Excel Chart.  Both Vertical and Horizonal Gridlines can be used in certain excel chart types such as bar charts, line charts and column charts.  Turning on Gridlines is very simple to do, all you need to do is to toggle the Major and Minor gridline checkbox options boxes on or off in the Gridlines and Ticks section of the Chart Editor Panel.

Using some or all of these Google Sheets Chart features will help you make more beautiful and effective charts.  These are just a handful of items that will help you produce professional looking charts and graphs.  Keep practicing and check back soon for additional tips.