4 Commercial And Industrial Uses For Drones.


Commonly referred to as Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Flying Mini Robots, or Unmanned Miniature Pilotless Aircraft drones are a fascinating piece of technology.

Drones usage is becoming quite commonplace.  Many enjoy them as a recreational pastime.  They are used to record events. Some use them for spying they have so many uses and are enjoyed by millions around the world.

But recreational usage is just one aspect of drone usage. They are used for other more important functions as well.  They also have commercial and industrial uses. This article will cover 3 commercial and industrial uses for drones.

Drone Applications For Construction.

Commercial drone usage, although still young,  is gaining popularity. Daily regular business functions are becoming more popular as more industries begin to work with drones. The construction industry is one of those industries.

The video recording aspect of drones is becoming popular in the construction industry because it can be used to quickly survey sites for inspection because of its aerial recording ability.

They can be used to inspect mining operations, utilities, roofs, and construction sites. These kinds of operations are critical for business productivity and efficiency and drones offer a solution to streamline and make the operations more profitable and efficient.

Drone Applications For Warehouse And Inventory.

Drones offer the ability to scan thousands of items in a warehouse in a day. Drones have the ability to do a full inventory in a day which normally takes months to accomplish manually. Significant investment in drones from companies like Facebook, Walmart, and Amazon is rising.

Its many promising and profitable applications are spurring and investment boom in drones. Drone usage for delivery as well as for expanding internet access is just some of the reasons companies are investing big in drone development.

The many applications for drones and their ability to streamline warehouse operations are just some of the reasons drones are becoming increasingly popular with businesses. And serving as a way to streamline and prioritize warehouse operations is just one of many reasons they are increasing in popularity.

Drone Uses For Agriculture.

Agriculture and drones are a perfect combination.  They offer realtime information for tracks of land that farmers need to monitor. Soil analysis, crop health, heat signatures, water use, all can be monitored using drones.

Daily tasks that could at one time only be done using planes can now be done more cost-effectively and efficiently using drones. Studies by the American Farm Bureau Federation released in 2015 show an average ROI is “$12 per acre for corn, $2.60 per acre for soybeans, and $2.30 per acre for wheat.

It’s expected to grow to $3.69 billion by 2022. Heavy investment in drones by existing agriculture players and new startups is increasing. So much data is being gathered by farmers using drones that manging all the data has become problematic. That, in turn, has created an important business opportunity in its own right.

Drones For Infrastructure Maintenance And Development.

Many companies are now also using drones to inspect everything from cell towers to bridges and roads. This seems a logical step considering drones are being used for virtually every other imaginable task. Not to mention the cost-effectiveness of using drones as opposed to manpower.

So drones used to inspect infrastructure is not surprising either. For example, inspecting something like an ice boom normally costs $3,500 to send a helicopter and 3,300 to send a boat. By comparison, it only costs $300 to send a drone.

Several companies were quick to move once given the okay by the FAA last year to begin using drones for the inspection of everything from storm damage to power plants, and power lines.

Even drone training lessons or training someone on how to use a drone to do many of these tasks is less expensive than training a man or woman to do the same tasks. Drone training lessons can also be done in different more cost-effective environments. The many uses for drones are limitless, promising, and profitable, for companies of all kinds and they are the future of big business.