5 Smartphones that will make your Life Bright and Better


Our lives are so different than before and more forward we go; more technology depend we become. Smartphones are the top name on such list of objects on which our life is now depending. We need these to connect with our family, friends and colleagues, to keep check on our babies, to pay our bills and for so much more. These have replaced our TV screens, our calculators; our work stations etc. surviving without a cell phone is not an easy choice in this era while having a poorly working cell phone is nothing less to worry about. If you are going to buy a new smartphone for yourself, your kid or anyone, we recommend you to go through our list in which we have included our thoughtful suggestions of smartphones by keeping size, price, resolution, storage and everything in mind. Even if you are on budget, you can use Aliexpress coupon given by couponksa.com for Saudis to save their bank balance from crashing. Below are our suggestions.

Apple iPhone 12:

Although apple has launched its next iPhone too but by keeping so many factors in mind, we suggest you this one. This iPhone comes with best security and screen graphics. It offers 3 configurations for storage and you can choose from GB, 128 GB AND 256 GB. Although we love blue one but there are black, silver, red and green too.

S21 Ultra Samsung Galaxy:

This mobile has a screen of 6.8 inches and its display of 3200 x 1400 makes it super unique. It has S-pen support and the 12 GB RAM will impress you. It has 6 sensors for image and one of them is 108 mega pixels. This company is well known for its quality and unique designs; this cellphone is a clear representation of it.

One Plus 9 Pro Ultra Wide:

Although company has initially launched ultra wide 9 but 9 pro is better than the old one. It has 888 snapdragon processor, fast wire charging, amazing display and landscape photography options. If you are on budget, then you can buy last model or use Aliexpress coupon available at couponksa.com to save on the purchase of 9 Pro.

4 A The Google Pixel:

If your choice is an android mobile for different purposes, then this one will not disappoint you. It has 128 GB storage and offers software that is updated by company on regular needed basis. Its screen is not 6.7 inches like other mobiles (its screen is 5.8 inches) but it can be used for night mode photos and astrological clicks.

Fold 2 Z Samsung Galaxy:

Folding phones are new fantasy because these take less space and can be used in multi ways. This phone by Samsung is delivering all the excellent features with the addition of a foldable screen. This phone is super expensive but Saudis are lucky to have Aliexpress coupon offered by couponksa.com to get discount on its purchase.