7 ways effective ways on how to Get People to the Sales Page


The bottom line is it’s all about getting people to the sales page. Sure, you have to get them excited about whatever the product is, but just getting them to the sales page is what is going to make conversions.

So let’s talk about some ways you can get people to the sales page.

  1. Add more links. Sounds obvious, huh? But you’d be surprised how many people only add one affiliate link to their blog post. Add as many links as you can without going nuts.
  2. Write multiple posts. I don’t know why so many people will just promote something once and then never promote it again. According to our statistics, affiliates who post the most earn the most. Of course, we do need to be careful not to overwhelm our readers with sales pitches. So you don’t want to do one post after the other pitching something. Intersperse your promotional posts with general posts. If you are generating plenty of fabulous, FREE content, most readers will not mind if you do this. 
  3. Discount coupons work. Everyone likes a discount. The fact is, many people want to buy what it is your selling, but maybe they don’t think they deserve it or they’re worried about the money or whatever. Offer them a discount and that will often help them go ahead and purchase the product. You can work this out with the person who is offering the product. Ideally, this coupon should expire by a certain date. 
  4. Use the WWSGD (What Would Seth Godin Do) plugin on your WordPress blog. This handy little dialog box allows you to remind your readers of impending deadlines (like when the coupon expires) without actually beating them over the head with it. You can also embed a video in your sidebar with an affiliate link to sign up (and the coupon code of course!) I’ve had good results with this.


  1. Write sincere, heartfelt posts. Read through the sales page, and then share with your readers about how this product would help you or your loved ones, and how it can help them. Get personal. If you don’t believe in this product, do NOT promote it. If you do believe in it, promote it with all your heart.
  2. Promote it in a newsletter. I send out a newsletter to my readers every week. If a launch promotion is running for 4 weeks, this means I can promote the class (or other product) FOUR times.
  3. Promote on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Say you write 5 blog posts promoting an affiliate launch. You should be promoting every single one of those posts using various social media. When you are using Instagram to promote your content then buy Instagram likes and views to get instant success.

Bottom Line

There’s no magic here, folks. It just comes down to hard work. Write the posts, tell people why they want this product, whatever it is. Add the links and get people to the sales page. The more clicks you get over to the sales page, the more conversions you will generate. And the more money you will make.