A Comprehensive Guide on Factors Influencing Bitcoin Price 


Bitcoin happens to one of the most popular and traded cryptocurrencies across the global platform. It made its emergency in 2009 and since then has seen exponential growth. Among the other types available in the market, certain factors tend to govern the Bitcoin and Ethereum price prediction

The current lockdown scenario has severely influenced the global economy to a significant extent. Many queries are floating across the market regarding investments and the current condition of the cryptocurrencies. So, here are some details about the factors that tend to influence the prices of Bitcoin for your reference:

Pre-Halving Factor

Bitcoin Halving happens to be one of the influential factors which govern the current price surges. Mostly search on the internet by the beginners, this factor mainly focuses on providing basic concepts of this cryptocurrency. 


The more publicity Bitcoin gains, the more will be the rise in its prices. According to the experts, Bitcoin Price Prediction can depend on the amount of media hype it receives in the market. However, proper growth of the prices requires the positive publicity of this digital currency in the market.


Credibility and prestige are quite interesting terms when it comes down to bitcoin. It has garnered exclusive attention among the investors in comparison to other forms of cryptocurrencies. When we speak of the word “cryptocurrency,” we tend to refer to bitcoin. Hence, there is no doubt about the popularity of this digital currency across the masses.

Technical Developments

Recently there are few reports about the scalability issues of Bitcoin in the market. To combat such problems, the developers are coming up with a few technical developments. These mainly target to improve the transaction hassles and speed up the procedures. Such events can increase the functionality of Bitcoin, thereby increasing its potential worth in the market. 

Supply and Demand

The ratio of supply to demand is crucial to understand the factors that change the prices of the cryptocurrencies in the market. Be it ETH price prediction or Bitcoin; this ratio has a potential influence on their prices. In the case of Bitcoin, the supply is increasing exponentially with each day.


Among other influencers in the market, this one seems to be trending the list of all. That is because the current lockdown situation has left a great void in the global economic status. The governments are still publishing paper notes for them even during this financial crisis. 

But due to the current situation, people are inclined towards making investments in digital currencies, preferably Bitcoin. Hence, even during this economic condition, the professionals predict that there can be a potential surge in Bitcoin pricing. 

Knowing these factors is essential for every investor across the global market. It is fascinating to study the relationship between these factors and the stock market. Many startup companies have invested their resources in different kinds of cryptocurrencies. 

By utilising their knowledge and investment tactics, they have emerged as powerful companies across the world. Dig up these top 4 interesting startups success stories to learn more about such tricks and useful information. Remember, the current lockdown situation might have a significant influence on the stock market. So, research and keep yourself updated with risks that come along with the digital currency.