A Tale of Two Websites


Does your business have an online presence or just a website?  One way to tell the difference is how that company website can be found. If knowing the business name or web address or clicking on a link from the company are the only ways for someone to find your website, then you have… a website; not an online presence. If someone can find your company website by searching for what you do or what you sell then you have an online presence. 

Most people searching for goods and services click on websites appearing on page 1.  Some will go as far as page 3.  Very few will search beyond page 3. The best way small business websites can rank on or close to page one is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO); a process that helps search engines associate a website with specific keywords and then to rank some sites higher than others for those keywords. Combining high-quality content with offsite optimizations, SEO  firms can boost a site’s rank in search engine result pages. 

Landau Consulting, a New Jersey SEO company, works with companies to build their online presence by designing beautiful optimized websites and then manages the promotion of those websites using an SEO online marketing strategy customized for each business.

Would website performance for similar businesses be noticeably different if one company had only a website and the other a carefully designed and optimized website with an SEO campaign?  Even if a “quick and dirty” website can get be online sooner and cost less, is that preferable?  Sometimes the adage that a product need not be the best but rather, first applies.  Does it apply to websites?  Probably not.

While an optimized website usually costs more and it usually takes longer to get online and while a carefully engineered SEO campaign may take months for its effects to show, over the long term, the potential for new visitors and sales for a business is much higher when a site is promoted and optimized.

Landau Consulting has provided this infographic to show how a small business website will outperform in terms of lead generation and sales if it employs current SEO online marketing techniques.  An SEO partner that offers consulting in internet marketing and SEO services can help your business achieve similar results.

A Tale of Two Websites Infographic