All about marine industry in technological times


The technological boom is much in progress and all industries are making headway in the direction of the golden future. Be it the marine industry or the aeronautics field, excellence is expected to be achieved in all spheres. Thortech is the industrial leaders which has made its mark in the marine and civil engineering sectors through the aid of its unique mechanical science application Thorgrip. These days, innovation is the key for making the mark and standing a class apart to succeed, particularly in the field of technology. Read the rest of the article to find out how bimagrip is rapidly being replaced within the industry.

More details

In the marine and civil engineering industry the requirement for secure and pocket friendly anti scid surface is always in demand, which has become the order of the day. This factor is of the anti slip surfaces is provided by the cutting edge new age technology of Thorgip. This ensures the needful for the clients so that it is convenient for them. The technology of Thorgrip is manufactured and made to curb the distance stopping to thirty percent.  All the products are provided with effective materials that ensure anti slip surfaces which can be made to use as less as two hours after application. If you apply Thorgrip once, it ensures a hardy and long lasting anti scid surface which is extremely essential for the client comfort and convenience.

Other highlights

Thorgrip can be used in a lot of surfaces including timber, steel, asphalt, concrete or more. The best part is that the Thorgrip is much better than Bimagrip in every which way. Thorgrip has a couple of formats for usage which include one utilized in excessively traffic infested areas which is the Thorgrip STS. The other one is the Thorgrip HD which is one used in less traffic congested location including bridges, public roads and so on. So, it can be safely said that Thorgrip is all set to become the Bimagrip of the future and rule the industrial sectors.

Conclusive summary

This new step taken by Thortech of moving away from Bimagrip to Thorgrip is an industrial revolution in itself. The modern incorporated technology is set to break records within the industry and take the clientele by storm. So, be prepared for the wonderful surprise of the arrival of the Thorgrip technology.