All You Need to Know about Kik Messenger


Kik Messenger is one the free available application which helps to communicate with all our friends and contact quite easily. It provides us with an opportunity to share our text messages, pictures, and chat with them at any time. This application offers some of the interesting features such as a notification system which helps us to know whenever the messages are sent, delivered, and read. It even provides facilities for creating groups among friends and colleges, which is considered to be a perfect option for organizing events or discussing the matters. Any user can enjoy the option of being a part of the maximum number of groups possible, and every group can have a dozen numbers of users.

One of the unique features of this Kik Messenger is the integrated web browser. This helps to open a hyperlink automatically that one could receive without leaving the app and saving a good amount of time. It has evolved as an interesting alternative to all the giants’ applications, namely the WhatsApp or LINE. It even bears a simple, clear, and much similar interface. Only the registration procedure is considered to be a bit tedious when compared to the other user applications.

Kik Messenger usernames are required to sign in rather than providing any phone number. No personal information is shared with different users. Even the chat companions on Kik could only see the name displayed user name and the provided profile picture. It is amazing that even being within one group of Kik, other members could not check the email address, birth date, or phone number. One of the added optional features is that automatically they help to explore various Kik accounts that match with the email addresses or the phone numbers of the Smartphone.

What Makes This Application More Preferable Compared to The Other Ones?

Kik messenger can stand out among the crowd due to its unique social media integration. The entire application bears a familiar look much similar to an SMS text messenger along with some appealing perks. You can even apply some available exciting themes to the chat space. Even the audio notifications can be easily personalized with a different tone setting. Apart from all this, the live typing feature is made available which reflects any message in progress.

So, enjoy sending an invitation link to all your friend and family member in Kik Messenger via SMS, email, Facebook, and Twitter and get connected in no time.