Benefits of Working with a LinkedIn Outreach Agency


LinkedIn has developed a well-deserved reputation for being the go-to site for white-collar professionals who want to network and build professional relationships. It’s also a fantastic platform for B2B lead generation and cold outreach. Read on to find out about the benefits of working with a LinkedIn outreach agency to maximize reach.

More Effective Than Traditional Cold Calls

People, including business owners, tend to view unexpected phone calls and emails as disruptive, rather than helpful. They tend to view these forms of cold outreach in more or less the same sphere as spam or automated calls.

LinkedIn is different. When a business owner or outreach manager sends a message on LinkedIn, the receiver will be able to view his or her profile to confirm that the offer is legitimate. Plus, LinkedIn members use the site with the intention of networking and communicating with other industry professionals, so cold outreach isn’t viewed as disruptive.

Help Figuring Out Who to Contact

One of the challenges of cold outreach on LinkedIn is that there are a lot of professionals who use the site, and not all of them will welcome unexpected contact. No one wants to waste countless hours checking user profiles and figuring out who to contact on an individual basis. Working with an outreach agency makes it easy to narrow down message lists to specific demographics and relevant populations.

Most experts view LinkedIn networking as a matter of different degrees of connection. First-degree contacts are those people that business owners already interact with on their LinkedIn accounts. Second-degree contacts are the people that primary contacts have in their immediate networks. Third-degree contacts are people that business owners likely haven’t interacted with in the past, but who might have some industry connections. Everyone else is out of the business owner’s network.

Whether business owners plan to cold contact people in their networks or outside of them, it helps to know who will be most receptive. Outreach agencies can create target contact lists that will help clients keep their campaigns focused and on-track.

Help with Messaging

When it comes to B2B cold contacts, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: the initial message’s primary purpose isn’t to sell a product. It’s to generate a lead. Outreach experts can help clients craft messages that focus on catching the reader’s interest and establishing a relationship. The best messages are:

  • Short
  • Detailed
  • Complimentary
  • Personal

Getting the tone right can be tough. It requires taking the degree of contact into account. A friendly message sent to an existing client or partner will read differently from one sent to an out-of-network potential lead. The good news is, LinkedIn outreach specialists know just what it takes to get the tone spot-on to generate leads without being too pushy.

The Bottom Line

Hiring an outreach specialist is a worthwhile investment for any B2B business owner. Not all outreach consultants are familiar with LinkedIn, so make sure the company has experience working with clients who use this unique platform. LinkedIn is releasing new connection tools all the time, so don’t put off getting help.