Bestyn Is The One-Stop Solution For Knowing Your Neighbourhood Thoroughly



Have you just shifted to your new home? Want to know what your locality cum neighborhood has to offer?

Well, it might have taken days to do so and getting accustomed to your surrounding a few years ago. But now? Not so much. Bestyn is your new best friend that helps you find local events, promote your goods and businesses easily but another important factor! Helps you make some good friends among your neighbors. This app makes your life so much easier because well hello! Who does not want to become friends with that cool neighbor who will make you some good lemon cake on weekends? Get ready to never have a boring weekend ever with local events at your fingertips.   

Enjoy The Numerous Features That Bestyn Has To Offer

  • Convenient Messenger: 

You can easily chat with your neighbor easily and fast. Make friends faster and chill with them on weekends. With your neighbors, you can now stay up-to-date on what is happening and notify them of any local event happening. 

Create group chats so that you could easily stay in touch. And, they help you create a good bonding with your neighbor so that they are beside you whenever you need them. is user-friendly and will not disappoint you with the many features and benefits. 

  • Publicizing Events: 

Notify your neighbors on upcoming events and get involved and be a part of the local community. You can monitor what is going on and what seems interesting to you. From garage sales to charity events and any cafe discounts, you get notified regarding all. And, best of all, you get everything with just one click. 

  • Monitoring Your Surrounding: 

You will be alerted if any crime had taken place and stay up-to-date with any incident. Also, to play an important role in your community, you could easily report an incident happening in the neighborhood to warn your neighbors too. This is a huge way to stay full of life. 

Have a reach not just getting updates from a business located nearby but you can make a profile for your business too. Advertise your service, make posts to attract who stay nearby. 

Enjoy The Benefits That Bestyn Has To Offer 

According to your selected interests, you get regular updates and from reading local news to chatting and ordering from various services and business, Bestyn is your one-stop solution. Whether you are new or trying to socialize, they make your options known. Also, the app is safe. 

Hence, what are you waiting for? Get going with this app and enjoy everything your neighborhood has to offer.