Building your own best solar power generator


With the increasing awareness regarding global warming, increasing prices of fossil fuels, and enhanced affordability and efficiency of renewable and green energy sources, options such as solar power are getting extremely popular.

Solar Power generators are a great choice nowadays, here in this article we will be discussing how you can design and make your solar power generator.

Steps involved in Building Solar Power Generator:

Before we begin with the guide, understand that this is a risky procedure.

The very first thing which is required is Solar Panels. They can be purchased from any hardware store or online. Solar Panels should be purchased as per your power requirement and the budget. For a decent generator, 16 Volts rating panel is sufficient and will cost around $100.

  1. Next in the list is a good battery, since it is the battery that stores the energy generated by the solar panel. A battery with a voltage rating of 12 Volts and higher is considered good. Do remember that deep cycle batteries are a good choice for continuous usage. On average a good battery will cost around $60.
  1. Next is a DC input device to power up small appliances. A DC input device with triple input will cost around $10.
  1. To convert the DC power stored in the battery to a more useful AC, an Inverter is a next requirement. An inverter with voltage and power rating of 115 Volts and 140 watts respectively will be sufficient.

Assembling the Solar Generator:

So now let’s begin assembling the best solar power generator ever made.

  1. To start with using a drill machine to attach a 12 Volts meter on top of the battery. The same could be done with the DC input module.
  1. With the help of insulated wires connect the 12 Volts DC meter to the wingnut terminal of the battery. Next, connect DC input the same way.
  1. Next, the battery and the modules can be placed in a box to prevent it from water and being damaged. Now place the solar panel in the sunlight and make sure sufficient light falls on it. It may take up to 6 to 8 hours to charge a dead battery and start using your very own Solar Power Generator.

Final Thoughts:

This may not be the Best Solar Power Generator but will be sufficient for some small daily power requirements.