Clean Master apk


What is clean master apk?

Clean Master APK  is a powerful tool that we can use as a cleaning and an optimizing tool for your android. It will help to eradicate unwanted files that stored up in the device and help to boost up your android.

Is Clean Master safe?

Yes, of course it is a free app that you can download easily from your play store. Go to your play store search for clean master and download it. Then open it in your device. Very easy to navigate. Few steps to follow, to get an action done.

What are the features of the clean master apk?

Once you open the clean master apk in your android you can see main six options that you can choose.

These features include;

  • Cleaning junk files
  • Battery saver
  • Notification Cleaner
  • CPU cooler
  • Antivirus
  • Boosting the phone

Cleaning junk files: there are some files that will be stored up in your device without your knowledge device called junk files. These files will occupy a considerable space of your device and it will kill your android performance. Indeed you have to remove these junk files if you want your device to perform in an optimum manner. Clean master apk will help you to achieve this target very simply, easily and also freely.

Antivirus: this option will scan your device and search for the viruses in the device stored. If we want we can run an advanced scanning of the device as there is another option called advance cleaning in addition to the basic scanning and cleaning. As this acts as an antivirus app also we can introduce this as a utility app also.

Notification Cleaner: how many apps you have in your android? More than 30 I guess. All these apps will send some notifications time to time and for a day you may receive hundreds of notifications. But after using one time to notify us these notifications are of no use. But these notifications anyhow have to store in your device by consuming your memory. So undeniably these notifications must be eliminated. But how? Now worries, here is the al-rounder of cleaning, Clean Master apk. Try this marvellous app. you may wonder what it can.

CPU cooler: once I accidently left my android under sun and it got heated as a hot plate. Once I took that into my hand I got a notification saying that I have to cool down my CPU and asked my opinion to cool or not. Then I selected the option cool down, it did its job and cooled down my CPU. This is common when my CPU heated due to longer time use also.

All the options in this amazing app will help to clean the android, optimize android and also to boost our android. As a whole this app acts as the best, powerful cleaning and the boosting app. No doubt you may also agree with me for sure if you use this app. Get set and download clean master apk. Very easy free process. No uncertainties. For more information click here: