Conclusive Guide to Tex Recruiting


The millennials are finding it difficult to be distant with their phones. They consider the phone as the most excellent mode of communication. Today, they can get their mails, tweets and any other way of communication just from their phones. This is making the phone essential beyond the entertainment. This explains why text recruiting is promising more of recruiting.

Most employers today tend to avoid vacancy advertisements since they end up having too much application which hence complicates the whole recruitment process. Every human resource manager would want to recruit only the fittest. This is why most of them are now trying to make use of text recruiting.

The effectiveness of text recruiting


It is relatively cheap to handle text recruiting compared to other modes of recruitment. Text messages are likely to be opened compared to emails. For instance, the open rate for text messages is 98% while that of emails is 23%. The text messages are likely to reach many people and hence better outcomes than the emailing and direct mailers.

Builds employee trust

Job seekers would want to be part of an organization that is open to them. This is what builds trust. In essence, when they get direct text messages calling for their attention, they feel that the company is open to them. Communicating directly to the company is as well made simple. If the text messages address them directly, it even feels personalized and so allowing them to open up for the challenge.

Nearly every job seeker has a smartphone

Text recruiting is not something that needs the job seeker to improve what they have for communication. As long as the personal contacts are available, the recruiter can quickly get their recruitment message sent. Traditionally, most of the job advertisements were done through print media, which was not a guarantee that a reasonable number of job seekers would access.

How text recruitment is done

Going about text recruiting is not complicated. All that is needed is a text recruiting software

. This will help in both recruiting and staffing. The recruiting staff will have to fill up the contact details of the people expected to receive specific messages. Thought the text recruiting software, the job details are also filled so that the receiver can know what they are being called to apply.

Different firms would prefer different text recruitment software. The standard software includes Zoho Recruit, Atomic Hire, Manatal, and many more. Most of them help in doing job requisition, shortlist and even interview scheduling. They make the whole process simple with a lower cost implication.

Tips for text recruiting

Currently, there are many companies that have joined the idea of text recruiting. In a way, it has become widespread so that some prospective employees tend to ignore them. This means that every employer must make the text message right to avoid being ignored. Most of the successful recruiters are getting better results from this method of recruitment because they use these tips:

Make use of the speed

Text messages tend to received and opened almost immediately. 90% of the text receivers will always replay. 92% of text recruiters report that what makes the whole process to be smooth is the fact that they are always ready to reply to any response from the receivers. The build a communication relationship also helps in choosing the best employees.

Catch the recipient attention

If the opener is poor, the receiver will ignore the message or consider it a spam. A proper introduction, therefore, builds the trust of the receiver.

Take some caution

Text recruiting is most valid for the millennials. If it is done to people aged 45 and above, it fails. The elderly tend to consider text hiring as invasive.