Cut Down on Printer Ink Costs by Simple and Easy Tips


If your job requires you to print a lot, then it is natural that you will be running out of ink frequently. This can be quite frustrating, not having additional cartridges at hand and searching for other options.

Investing in the Right Printer

The brand and quality of your printer matter. Some printers require good quality and expensive ink cartridges for them to function properly. If you plan on purchasing a printer, ensure that you check all specifications and the resolution.

If you already own a high-resolution printer, then you might need to purchase high-end quality ink cartridges that match the printer. The higher the resolution, the more ink they consume. Bear in mind not to purchase a low-quality ink cartridge for your branded printer as this can spoil the print quality. 

If you are looking for good ink cartridges, you can always rely on credible stores such as Need More Ink headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida that deal with all types of ink cartridges. They even have a dedicated customer support team to answer your queries if in doubt about what type of cartridges you require for your printer. 

Ensure that you know your printer requirements such as how many volumes you will be printing? Will it be only text or images? Will the printer only be used for printing purposes, or will it double up as fax and scanner? All these factors can help you understand the type of ink cartridge you might require and what would be the cost for the same. 

Ink cartridges can be expensive and if you happen to print regularly, then it would be advisable to purchase the cartridges in bulk and save on ink costs. Many companies offer bulk discounts on ink cartridges. 

When you purchase in bulk, ensure that you store them at room temperature or as mentioned on their packs. If not, these will dry out quickly and you might need to invest in new ones. 

Tips to Save on Ink Cartridges without Compromising on Quality

If you are irritated by the number of times you need to change your ink cartridges and are looking for ways to save on ink costs, then the below tips can help you:

  • Do not go in for color prints unless it is necessary
  • Print documents in greyscale rather than black and white to save on ink
  • Choose the right font preferably Calibri or Times New Roman
  • Avoid using dual-color for your prints. Go for single toned cartridges
  • Tweak your printer setting and use the print preview option to fit content into the entire document
  • Ensure that you print in draft mode

Ensure that you clean your printer regularly. Dirt and debris can get inside the printer causing malfunctions. Printer inks can also dry out, if not in regular use. Shut down your printer properly. If you have an old printer, you might want to consider buying a new model.


Bear in mind to print carefully. If the work can be completed online, there is no requirement to get the same printed and waste printer ink.