Developments in the world of CNC


The world of technology is ever-changing – CNC machines included. While it’s not always necessary to have the latest updates and add-ons to create quality products, there are some extremely useful advancements which can help make your CNC projects a little easier.

Tool Developments

Although not strictly a technological advancement, tool development is a consistent, evolutionary process in CNC machining. Developing the tools makes way for heightened accuracy whilst maintaining the strength of the tool and the integrity of the material being worked on.  This opens up a gateway of opportunities in terms of designs that an upgraded tool can manage. While tool development may not seem like a huge advancement, the technology of a machine can only be as good as the tool delivering it.

Smartphone Alerts

If you could count up all the hours you’ve spent going back and forth to your workshop (or just not leaving it at all!) to make sure that a project runs smoothly – how many days off could you have had? Of course the main benefit of CNC machines is that they remove a huge proportion of the human involvement necessitated by traditional machines; however, there are occasions where projects can run into errors, meaning that they stop until the issue is rectified. Now, if you were to leave the machine to run through a large project while you were elsewhere, an issue like this could have dramatic effects on production time.

This is where smart phone alerts come in – Next Gen technology can inform you of any errors or hold-ups by sending an alert to your phone, no matter how near or far you may be. This is a huge leap, not only in terms of productivity management but also in time management for yourself and allowing you to leave projects unattended, without worrying that they may suddenly pause without your knowledge.

Monitoring and Connectivity

As well as monitoring for project errors, there is now software which can essentially scan your machine for functionality issues and performance problems. This software will identify weak points which are causing substandard execution, which makes way for improvements and machine evolution to allow optimal functionality. Whether it be actual faults which need fixing or areas which can be upgraded, this software helps you get the best out of your machine.

Simulation Software

As the name suggests, this software is involved in simulating the potential outcomes of projects in order to identify any problems that could arise along the usual process. By using simulation software you can wave goodbye wasted time and materials on numerous trial runs. This technology will help you test and reach the optimal approach for your project, whilst saving time, materials and money.