Differences Between Different Types of Production Companies


Video production typically includes different aspects of video making, such as scripting, location scouting, and logistics, all of which are related.

A video production company in Singapore produces videos, while a film production company produces videos for distribution for theatrical, online, or television broadcasting.

Movie production firms, mainly based on the pre-production process, do a vast range of items. They can help create content, generate content, also

assist with post-production, or hire directors and crew.

There are a few distinct types of manufacturing firms. Let’s break down

the differences between:

  • production company vs agency
  • production company vs media company
  • production company vs studio

Production Company vs Media Company

A media company might make films, but film production is not their primary focus. They produce client content and also include marketing and social media work, such as YouTube advertising Singapore. It could be a fine, steady job, but you still wouldn’t be doing imaginative filmmaking alone. What the client requests, you will have to cater to.

Video companies, publicity agencies, digital agencies, and more are also called media firms. Depending on the type of organization, depending on what types of producers it hires, it could create different media types.

Production Company vs Agency

In general, there are two kinds of “agencies”: talent agencies and marketing agencies.

Agents are hired by a talent agency, not artistic individuals, directors, or writers. And, like actors, models, or directors, their agents represent talent. You would assist with casting and talent packaging for a film by being a talent agent. In the casting and reading of scripts and the recruiting process, you’ll have a hand.

For consumers, a marketing firm produces marketing assets, often images. There are several marketing companies, but it usually applies to a corporate video production company when the agency is referred to in the video world. So a corporate manufacturing firm and agencies are the same in this context.

Production Company vs Studio

Finally, all facets of the filmmaking process are usually handled in-house by a studio. They employ manufacturers and directors to carry out their ventures, and these manufacturers and directors also own their manufacturing firms.

The key driving force behind creating a project is usually studios, and they mostly tend to create projects pitched by producers and agents.

A studio heads the production of a project. Also, it employs smaller production companies to conduct some parts of a project, also referred to as sound studios or visual effects studios, which may become a little misleading when talking about “studios.” Studios often can create large budget projects that do not have the resources to be produced by smaller production companies.