Five Essential Tips for Protection to Keep Your Data Safe


A proactive approach can save you from the mischievous hackers. There has been a drastic rise in the number of how to monitor employees working from home cybercrime cases. It has a severe impact on the economy and infrastructure of the organization and the country. Although people are getting aware of cyber terrorism still the problem is prevalent. All you need is to be more cautious and adopt the whistle-blower approach when you find something susceptive.

The whole world is fighting with the pandemic, COVID-19, due to which people are moving to remote work, making excessive use of digital wallets and E-commerce websites, that is making them more endangered for cyber-crime, thinking this, best lawyers like Imran Ahmad, Sunny Handa are working on the strategies to combat the cyber risk.

Erase data from hard-drive:

You want to discard your old system, but what plan and procedures are you following? Your old system is full of information. So, when you plan to replace it always erase and take backup data from it.

Many people take the back-up, but often forget to make the hard-disk unreadable. Clean the disk immediately you plan to discard it.

Turn off the system:

Many people think that turning off the system is not connected to security? If the computer is connected to the internet for the whole day long then you are offering a nice opportunity to the hacker. They have the chance to scam 24/7 and can install the malware anytime at the system.

Always turn off and disconnect it from the internet once you are done with the work.

Imran Ahmad Privacy Lawyer, professor at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law, teaches cyber-security and privacy law, also helped many health care service providers how to implement the strategies for cyber-security related to personal health information.

Background screening and privacy policies:

Check the background of the employee before taking onboard them, especially check the criminal record. Also, do the reference checks from the last organization, and in case the candidate is fresher, do the references check from teachers to have the insight of the candidate personality.

Many employees can steal the data at the time of leaving the organization. Make it a thumb-rule to thoroughly monitor the E-mail of every employee and restrict the use of pen drive and CD in the company.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi:

You will never know whether the public Wi-Fi is encrypted or not. If you are using the public Wi-Fi make sure you have the updated version of malware to protect the device from any sort of cyber-attack.

Using public Wi-Fi possesses a great threat as someone may be spying your online activity. Also, there are the chances the malware can infect your device if someone else is having it in their device.

Go for Cloud computing:

This works well for the small to medium size companies, who have the budget constraint. They can outsource their data storage responsibility to the reputed cloud computing agencies.

Cloud computing can provide security to some extent, hence giving some degree of -protection. They take care of storing the data, implementing the security, and updating the operating system.