Here’s why you should use a mobile banking app


People lead a busy life working to a tight schedule in this fast-paced world. The smart devices like mobile phones play a significant role in helping them manage day-to-day activities using various mobile applications. From shopping to banking, this mobile-app technology has simplified their work. We have mobile applications to do different activities, and banking is no exception. 

IDFC FIRST Bank is one of the best banks in India that offers a user-friendly mobile banking app to carry out financial transactions in a few mouse clicks without visiting a branch. With the IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile Banking App, you can open an instant bank account online and enjoy several benefits. Being one of the safest banks in India, your sensitive information is protected through PIN verification, device authentication and data encryption. 

By using the IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile Banking App, you can manage your money over phone from anywhere regardless of your hectic schedules. Moreover, the app from the top best bank in India is accessible 24/7 and offers several distinctive benefits. 

Various benefits of using the IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile App?

The IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile Banking App is simple and convenient to use. To derive its benefits, you need to download it from the Google PlayStore and install it on your mobile. Some of the prime services offered by the app are:

  • Get to access a range of functions

With this unique mobile banking app from IDFC FIRST Bank, you can perform a host of functions such as open an instant savings bank account, transfer funds, pay utility bills, invest money in mutual funds, and more. Other than these, you can:

  • Transfer funds quickly from any account 
  • Manage all your bank accounts in one place 
  • Pay bills easily using various payment options, as well as Autopay 
  • Get a ‘smart’ statement and know your finance 
  • Manage your ‘upcoming’ expenses
  • Invest in mutual funds by investing as low as Rs. 500 in SIPs every month
  • Open a fixed deposit account at an attractive interest rate in just a few clicks 

You can also have a complete overview of expense cycles, assets, and financial planning charts at the click of a button. Above all, you can contact the customer service department of the bank for any queries or requests.

  • Smart geolocation notification

The mobile technology has made banking amazingly convenient through easy accessibility from anywhere and at any time. With smart geo-location notifications, the bank can authenticate a customer’s identity to avoid impersonation and identity theft. In addition, the customer can avail information about the nearest ATMs or branch. This makes the mobile banking safe and attractive. In addition, the customers can also avail real-time notifications and smart geolocations to get instant information and assistance.

  • Secured transactions

Being one of the best banks in India, IDFC FIRST Bank guarantees safety and security in every activity carried out on its banking app. The application is protected by cybersecurity and multi-layer encryption. Any person using the app has access to multi-level protection while logging in and managing the application. For instance, the user is required to use a PIN, biometrics, two-way authentication, and so on. In addition, you can monitor the money flow through alerts and notifications sent to your mobile on every transaction. 

The IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile Banking App is also known to offer exclusive mobile-only schemes such as instant application and processing of loans, investment options, income and expense analyzer for comparing cash flow and transaction categorization for the users.