How can you securely store your cryptocurrency offline?


Investors purchasing cryptocurrency online often look out for hardware wallets to store their assets securely. You may look out for reliable wallets like vaulty card, capable of storing over 1205 cryptocurrencies offline. The best feature about this card is that, you can use it as a global credit card, which couples up as an integrated exchange. With this wallet, you can directly exchange your crypto assets without paying any additional fees from the card interface.

How to benefit from discounts?

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Vaulty Card is not just an ordinary wallet. This is a perfectly decentralized mechanism that presents you with enhanced access, security and convenience to fresh levels.If you are a crypto-holder, you should use this vaulty card. With this sophisticated card, you can exchange, spend and store your crypto assets even without using any app on your mobile phone.

What makes vaulty card the most advanced and safest hardware wallet?

Have a look at the features that make the vaulty card worth owning.

  • Shielded: The vaulty card is bendable, shockproof, waterproof and assembled with the patented cold compression mechanism.
  • Bluetooth: In order to communicate with devices that are authorized, vaulty card uses an encrypted Bluetooth connection.
  • NFC chip: Vaulty card comes with an internal Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip for in-store and P2P transactions.
  • Pin code: Users can also get an additional protective layer with the option of a pin code, through which the vaulty card can be unlocked, or transactions can be confirmed.
  • Battery: The normal usage of this card is supported by two batteries for about a month. Then, you just need to give it another full charge for 90 minutes.
  • Fingerprint: The access to vaulty card is secured by a processing unit and a UL power fingerprint recognition software.

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