How Dating Apps Are Changing Their Ways


When Tinder was first developed by former CEO Sean Rad, it was to connect users through a “double opt-in system.” The core goal was to create a way to alleviate that stress that comes with meeting new people, giving both parties a voice before their voices were ever shared.

In doing so, Tinder set the tone for the swipe-right and swipe-left style of application that we are now inundated with. While Rad may have departed from Tinder and his role as Match Group CEO after alleging the company undervalued Tinder intentionally, the dating app has continued, and it may be helping to usher in another entirely new era.

Pandemic Disruption: Voice, Video, and Swiping Right

Seemingly forever, it has been the province of a dating app to force its user to swipe right and left. Not exactly the most natural way to connect with a potential partner, many critics have argued that this system literally dehumanizes and commodifies our role in the dating community.

To ground the digital dating experience into something more human, Tinder and other notable companies have started to incorporate more video and audio content. According to the team at Tinder, Gen Z is particularly beholden to utilizing social media, including dating apps, on their terms. This meant that Tinder would develop videos as well as a social media “discovery” feed to help users connect and share content. 

As potentially the top generator of new relationships in the country, Tinder holds a profoundly powerful position within the dating sphere. Where Tinder goes, other companies tend to follow, and this was exemplified by Bumble incorporating similar video and audio content. These platforms argue that audio and video connections will just further deepen connections, giving a more immersive and rewarding experience.

The owners of Bumble believe that the end of the pandemic will bring about a much clearer picture in terms of what individuals are looking for from a potential relationship. Alongside these new video and audio options, Bumble and Tinder have also integrated trivia nights, GIFS, pictures, and even voice notes for users to explore.