How is requirement management tool advantageous for business analysts?


The requirement management (RM) tools have come into being to provide aid and assistance to the bigger businesses especially for the purpose of business analysis. One of the problems that the businesses had to face was with respect to deliveries. The developers and the testers identified that the requirements were not properly evaluated, there was a need to change the requirements and the project heads had to struggle in order to fulfill the demands of the stakeholders and the users.  To overcome these challenges, the requirement management tool has been used to trace the correct requirements for project success.

Low and middle tech options for analysis of business:

Low technical options for RM gives way to manual tracking, but it has been observed that business experts can trace the updates on the entire requirement documents. A low-tech solution is becoming popular where requirement management is done by arranging them in visually sequential order. Kanban Board is another essential setup that can be used for tracing the requirement advancement and work managing in production flow model. On basis of the current state, you can pin the story cards and shift them accordingly as and when the things change. However, if you want to use mid-tech options, you have to look for tools that will help you to calculate, sort and trace and share.

High-tech choices for business analysis:           

One of the major features of high-tech choice is that it features the option of data entry in order to obtain the requirements. You can track the status and provide the work flow. High tech choices are very advantageous for adding value to RM. However, there are certain cautions that one needs to keep in mind. You cannot generate the right metrics if the requirements are not properly entered or tracked. However, the things are changing because today you can find a lot of scopes and incentives for obtaining data. Also, with the maturity of requirement defining tools, the professionals of business analysis are drawing on the advantages of tool convergence. Tool convergence is the combination of functions and definition of requirement management within one single tool.


For the initial stages of planning, you can use spreadsheet or make use of a word documents. The basic tool that is essential for RM is Google sheet or Excel.   However, if you are dependent on other individuals to update the data, then it might become problematic and it also becomes difficult to ensure that you are working with the right team.