How to earn views on YouTube?

Youtube views

Like other search engines, YouTube runs its algorithms to help viewers to find the content they need. You need to optimize your video so that it ranks appropriately on your platform.

There are several steps you need to take to do for Buy views.

Create a custom thumbnail. The more visually appealing the thumbnails are, the higher the CTR of the video. This is often the deciding factor when viewers choose to click on a video to see it in YouTube search results.

Deliver content on other websites and social media platforms.

There are many ways to promote your content on the web. Some are expensive; others are free. All of these are worth exploring.

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If you have a marketing budget, you can extend your content to posts advertised on media portals, banner ads for high-traffic websites, and influential social media posts. However, if you spend little or no money to promote your content outside of YouTube, you need to find a creative solution.

How to get a free YouTube view:

Create a social media channel for your content and buy 500 youtube views and share it on the platform every time you post a new video. Edit your YouTube video and cut it into short videos that are easy to consume on social media.

Connect with bloggers who write about content similar to you. For example, if your channel is about cooking and recipes, contact a food blogger.

Work with other You Tubers to promote each other’s brands and channels to each other. You can also invite them to appear in the video. Guests can then promote the video to their viewers, whether on a website, social media account, or email newsletter.

Create a video response to another popular video. The creator of the original video may mention you or reply through a new post. It’s also another way to create relevant videos based on currently popular topics and current events.

Embed the video on the question and answer website. Location answers like Quora and Yahoo! are a great place to provide valuable feedback and post videos related to your question. Often there is a lot of web traffic and high domain privileges.

As you can see, there are many other ways to expand your channel instead of buying YouTube views. These are trial and error methods, but most importantly, they do not violate YouTube policy.