How was education in the past


Education in Islam

Islam was interested in science as the first word revealed to the Messenger – may God bless him and grant him peace – is recitation, and this is a clear indication of the importance of science and learning in Islam, as science is considered the pillar of countries and the reason for their development and progress, so that educated societies are strong and prestigious societies that other societies count for a thousand Because, in education, there are a lot of development, inventions, and discoveries that increase the welfare of a person’s life and increase his strength. Through science, many treatments are produced for the different types of diseases that have caused the death of large numbers of people. Without science, man would not have been able to discover this remedy .

Education right now

Education differed at the present time from education in the past. Education in the past was one of the difficult things that is not limited to the wealthy and the capitalists. The poor person could not go to schools or universities to learn, but he was working to help his family in securing the basic needs, so he was Most of the people are illiterate who cannot read and write.

Schools and universities were not as widespread in the past as they are now, so the student had to move from his place of residence to another place far to reach his school or university, and transportation was not available as it is now, where the student was going to his school or university on foot Or using animals, and there was a small class that owned cars.

Education in the past

Among the most important things that education was in the past is characterized by the way of taking information, so the teacher was the only tributary that provides students with the main information, and there were no internet or private teachers, but the student relied on the teacher only, and this teacher was sacred, and he has all The prestige and respect from students and all members of the region, where the saying, “Who taught me a letter I became a slave to him” is applied in its entirety, and some families even honored the teacher and feared the son of him. The teacher and the educator, not the teacher Never

And education is still developing and changing according to the technological changes accompanying the era, so we now see education through the Internet, and self-education that does not need a teacher, and every student needs a tablet device in order to deliver information to him through it, but previously there was only chalk The board is used to teach students, and the current view of the teacher varied with the development and nature of the times.


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