Identifying and Effectively Dealing with Teen Depression


 Teen Depression, also known as adolescent depression, is now considered to be a very serious emotional disorder and it is not any different from adult depression. Teen years are tough and it is perfectly fine for teens to feel sad and irritable because they are generally going through a lot. From puberty to societal changes, it seems hard to manage everything when you are just a teen. Sometimes, it gets so hopeless and the teens feel so helpless that they fall into depression and if nothing is done at the right time, it might be dangerous for them.

Parents often ignore the signs in their teens because they expect too much from them. They don’t see them as someone who needs help instead, they pressurize them into becoming perfect. In this pressure, teens often feel confused and lost. Moreover, social media is playing an effective role in inducing teen depression because of the glittery life it presents to the teens who are already sad about their lives. For that purpose, parents should talk to them and use the parental control app to make sure they are safe on the internet.

Signs of Teen Depression:

study published on American Family Physician states that almost 15% of children and adolescents have symptoms of depression. These symptoms are often difficult for the parents to spot because they often confuse these signs with normal teenage issues and adjustments. But, it should be noted that depression is a lot more than just disinterest in studies or boredom. Some of the signs that are noticeable in teen depression are as follows:

  • They often appear sad, irritable, and tearful over small things or for nothing.
  • They are showing sudden changes in their eating habits.
  • They are suddenly either gaining or losing weight.
  • The activities that they once used to enjoy are not that much interesting for them.
  • Their energy levels are down and procrastination is at the edge.
  • They find it difficult to concentrate on one thing or task. They are often found lost in their thoughts.
  • They will show major changes in their sleeping habits.
  • They regularly complain about being bored and disinterested.
  • They often talk about or take an interest in the topics related to suicide.
  • They don’t find school activities and studies interesting anymore.
  • They don’t want to hang out with their friends.
  • They are often found lost in their mobile phones.
  • Their academic performance is weakening day by day.

You have to be concerned about the intensity of these symptoms. Some of these symptoms may not be the only signs of depression. But, if you see the change in intensity, and gravity of the changes that are happening with them, you must be concerned. You must not ignore anything that feels awkward and different.

Coping with Suicidal Issues

Teen depression might not be an issue for you, but you would be surprised to know that teens have even tried committing suicide because of it. The negative thoughts that they have during depression makes them feel that they are worthless and they shouldn’t live anymore. These emotions are so strong that they give them the courage to take such a huge step. If you are letting go of the changes in their bodies, you are mistaken. You must talk to them and sort out the situation.

What Causes Teen Depression?

There is no single universal cause of teen depression. For every teen, the situation and the triggering events are different. That’s why you need to take a closer look at the life of your teen. Here are some of the common reasons for teen depression:

  • Brain Functions

Researches have revealed that the brain of teens is structurally different than that of adults. There might be some hormonal changes or changes in the level of neurotransmitters when it comes to their body. These changes can affect how the brain communicates with their bodies and thus can contribute to depression.

  • Traumatic Events

Children don’t have good coping mechanisms when it comes to dealing with traumas. Events like accidents, divorce, separation, sexual abuse, street fights, bullying, and others can be a big reason for teen depression. Especially, when kids don’t talk to their parents or seek any help, it grows inside them and the depression often turns into suicidal thoughts.

  • Being Pessimistic

If teens learn negative thought patterns, they are more likely to fall into depression. Teens are often exposed to negative thoughts and pessimism in their life, especially when parents have the same thinking pattern. If you are negative, your kids will not be positive about anything. And, with the abundance of negative thoughts, depression comes easily.

  • Social Media

Yes, social media is all fun and entertaining, but is that all? Teens have this habit of complaining about everything and when this habit is combined with their use of social media, it elevates. Social media is fun but it is the place where kids learn about other people’s lives. They see how other people are living their lives and since everyone wants to portray being perfect, teens often feel worthless thinking that they don’t have that perfect life. This can cause depression in them along with other factors like cyberbullying, predating, and other threats that come with social media.

What Can Parents Do?

Being parents, you must make necessary changes to save your kid from teen depression. If you don’t do anything at the moment, they might end up being dragged into this abyss. Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Make them do exercise every day. You can help them keep the pace by being with them and helping them with their daily routine. Exercise helps a lot in dealing with depression.
  • Sleep is very important for your teen’s mood. Make sure your teens get enough sleep so that their brain remainsfresh.
  • Use the best parental control rules at home. You can fix their screen time and make them join you in the family time.
  • Let them be open up about their feelings. Don’t judge them at all so that they can confide in you.
  • Give them a balanced diet because a healthy diet keeps your brain and body healthy.

Using these tips and keeping an eye on their activities can help you save your child from teen depression. Never ignore the changes happening to them because those changes account for a lot of issues.