IT jobs Finland: all you need to know


Thinking about moving to Finland? You couldn’t be better with timing as the country is experiencing positive trend in economics growth, political stability and workforce demand, which has been incredibly raising during the last years especially in the IT and high-tech industries.

Both big local corporations and multinational have been attracted in the Nordic country by its functional and reliable infrastructure network and by its welfare system which is one of the best in the world.

Finland is always among the top countries when it comes to quality of life, eco-sustainability, innovation and research and development and for those reason companies which are now growing and expanding their business in the country and abroad find themselves in need of agile, skilled and keen workforce.

The area of best interest in this sense is surely Information Technology; hundreds of open positions are filling Finnish sites and social media, from  informatics engineers and data analysts to programmers and web designers, the demand is high and what’s in it for the employees might be really interesting.

Competitive salaries, generally good benefit packages and an average balance between working and free time not to be under evaluated.

So what does it take to find an IT job in Finland; let’s try to answer this question together following these simple but really helpful steps:

  • You must be willing to relocate to a country in which climate condition can be really different from your country of origin (long and dark winters; short and rainy summers);
  • In second place, if you think you are strong enough to face Finnish winters then the first move to do to find IT Jobs in Finland is either ask the support of international recruitment agencies or to have a look into the main Finnish portals. In most of cases you will find job posts in English language. Indeed, in most of the cases, you will not need to worry about required language skills because in most of the cases you won’t be requested any knowledge of Finnish being english the main working language used not only in IT but broadly in the corporate world which is becoming more and more multicultural especially in Helsinki and Tampere.

Once applied, keep applying, that’s the only way. Don’t get frustrated if you do not receive and answer right away, rhythms in Finland are slower than in the rest of Europe and that applies to working world as well. Give both yourself and HR departments some time and by the time you will learn how to say “Good Morning” in Suomi you will also be contacted; don’t give up!