Java Script – one of the most popular technology in web development. What is the secret of this?


The concept of web development is not limited to our traditional HTML language. The programmers are using smart coding to make the website more interactive and informative. By using the Javascript you can add more functionalities to your desired web applications. In fact, millions of web developers are using javascript for developing what is websphere sophisticated web applications. Let’s find out the key reason for which Java script is one of the most popular technology in web development.

Offers better performance

When it comes to popular languages like C or Java, we have comprises the performance during the development process of simple web applications. In fact, it becomes a heavy load for cheap computers to lead such applications. But with the help of JavaScript, the programmers can easily design powerful lightweight applications. Due to the light weight coding, the program loads faster in the cheap platform and offers better performance. However, when it comes to sophisticated web applications, javascript can prioritize the functions and make the program run much faster.

Precise control

Java script gives the programmer complete control in blocking operations by enabling the call back options. If you develop a sophisticated program based on other languages, you are going to have issues with the dynamic thread.

In fact, the web applications become heavy and it often crashes. But with the help of javascript, you can expect to solve complex problems as it solves a complex problem by offering blocking operations.

Primary language

One of the key secrets for which the java script is so popular lies within its use. It is often known as the primary language for the World Wide Web. Basically small to power servers operate on the basic principles of javascript. So Java Script Web Development offers seamless execution of the functions between client and server ends. So, programs that are running on java scripts are faster and much more efficient.


Nowadays the programmer often forgets the fact, a vast majority of the users are using mediocre to low-end smart devices. So, if you design a heavy software using complex language, the users might not be able to run the program. Smart programmers always think about mass users. For this reason, they prefer to use javascript for creating a smart algorithm to run the sophisticated program. Though you can rely on other popular languages but being a lightweight language JavaScript has become widely popular among the professional coders.

Strong community

If you start developing a program based on javascript, you might run into a complex problem. But solving the complex problem in javascript is not so tough. It has a vast community and you can see help from the experienced coders. The experienced coders can give you the perfect and give you powerful solutions within a short period of time. Those who are new and struggling to learn java script can also become active members of the large community. In fact, many java script programmers were active students in the online trading community. This is another secret for which java script is so popular programming language.

Easy to master

One of the key reasons for which the programmers love java script is its simple syntax. Compared to C# and other complex programming languages, javascript is really easy to learn and you can expect to master this language in less than a year. Moreover, you will get free access to the online learning center. Possibilities are endless when you start coding with JavaScript. Though it has some minor limitations and developing large programs can be hectic but you can expect to deal with the medium size program with an extreme level of ease. And with some precise calculations, you can also design large programs for big organizations.