Keep Your Business Safe with Touchless Sign in Software


Knowing who has entered on your site or business and if they have symptoms of Coronavirus has never been this important yet as easy. This is so important because it reduces the spreading of the virus and it protects your family and makes sure your business stays open. This is easy to do when you have a git software solution for touch- less sign in/electronic sign in solution. This protects everyone in your business from anyone that enters your business.

Life has changed

The coronavirus has changed our way of life. Controlling business and personal risks can often be unnerving and seemingly overwhelming. This is why partnering with Onesystem is so important as it takes away the stress and simplify your business protection. This business software solutions is an easy way to empower business owners in running their business by connecting this system with people that can save you time and money.

QR code

It is simple to use as the QR code does all of the following:

  • Tracks who enters your site or business;
  • Identifies symptoms sending alerts;
  • Reduces the spread of this virus;
  • Protects your families and employees.

Why Onesystem

Each business is unique and Onesystem recognizes this tailoring each module to your business needs. They also deliver on time as well as on budget. They listen to you first and learn about your business, before altering their core solutions or build a new module just for you. By listening first, is it also much more cost-effective. Onesystem is like having your own IT development team at only a fraction of the cost. And the entire package is covered with ISO 45001 safety certification.

Keeps business safe and running

With this virus currently everywhere, you can keep your business up and running by knowing if anyone entering your business could be infecting your business. This is the only way to reassure a business owner that they can keep their business safe.