Keeping an eye on other activity


For installing any software, you first have to download it. Once the software is downloaded then the next is to install. Before installing any keylogger you should have detailed knowledge of what kind of keylogger you want. Now the question comes how to install a keylogger.

There are two types of keylogger:

  • Keyloggers that are based on different hardware 
  • Different system, SAAS as well as programmes acting as keyloggers

Software-based keyloggers

These keyloggers are designed to target a specific computer’s software. This is a program-based software. These keyloggers are used in IT firms. IT firms use these keyloggers to troubleshoot technical problems. These software keyloggers can be used legally in business organizations to monitor anyone’s device activity. However, this software can also be used in stealing data such as passwords, bank account details, and credit card details.

The various type of software used in various technical perspectives are:

  • Hypervisor based: This software disguises itself as malware. It sometimes also becomes a virtual machine.
  • Kernel-based: This software hides in the root directory. Thus, inspects the keystrokes. This software sometimes also acts as a device driver.
  • API based: This software disguises itself as a normal application instead of malware. 
  • Form grabbing based: This software logs the web form. This happens when one submits a form by clicking enter or any other button from the keyboard.
  • JavaScript-based: This software uses script tags that are designed to target one’s web activities.
  • Memory injection based: This software is directly injected into the memory of the system.

Hardware-based keyloggers

These keyloggers do not depend on any software or operating system. This exists in a device on the hardware level.

  • Firmware based Keyloggers based on the firmware
  • Keyboard hardware
  • Keyloggers that are associated with emissions like Electromagnetic waves
  • Keyloggers based on surveillances

After the download is complete, we will have to move for the installation process. You can choose any of the above. Once you know for what purpose you are installing the software in the system you can use any of the above.

Now an important question can arise in your mind about how to install a keylogger.

There are different steps to install hardware and software keyloggers. Hardware keyloggers can easily be installed in a system by just connecting a USB stick to the system. Hence, transferring the desired file to the system.

The installation of software-based keyloggers is completely different. You have to download the software first. Then open the file. Click on run and accept the license terms and conditions. In some software, you also have to complete the path setup. You are good to go.