Lighting Columns Produced by Alumast


Lighting columns are suited ideally even in those demanding industries such as:

  • Railways
  • Construction
  • Road building
  • Local government units
  • Waterworks
  • Energy

Alumast products

Alumast products are perfectly designed for conditions that are difficult and increasing security standards thanks to a wide range of technological and assembly solutions. They offer GRP pole that are stylized and hinged columns of composite-aluminum constructions that allows you to choose the solution that is most optimal for your investment. Their poles include:

  • DesignPole – Lighting column with a pattern of revolutionary solution on the lighting market.
  • EasyPole – Composite pole that can be used in hard-to-reach areas. Ideal for an area where there are no heavy vehicles with a lift.
  • DecorPole – Innovative composite and aluminum poles that are perfectly suited to be elegant and stylized surroundings.
  • PassivePole – line of safe composite poles with PN-EN 127567 certification.


This company’s basic composite pole has parameters that are high strength and conforms with EN 40-7. The product is assembled easily and quite economical in maintenance. Advantages for the BasicPole are:

  • Safety that is passive
  • 100% recyclable
  • Ideal for light construction

These basic poles also do not:

  • Oversee electricity so has no “scrap value”
  • Resilient to weather conditions and pollution, including animal waste as well as road salt
  • Designs that are modern
  • Columns heights of from 3 to 12 meters


Applications for these BasicPoles include:

  • Railway industry
  • All types of roads
  • Parks, squares, and streets
  • Energy industry

The GRP BasicPole has a suitable option for you whatever your need is. They have aluminum brackets, standard concrete foundations, and cable joint for one luminaire or cable joint for two luminaires, making them perfect for any project. This BasicPole is the beginning for all of their projects and the first one that could work for you.