Looking at the Importance and Difficulties of Content Marketing for SaaS


Today’s businesses have a vast range of needs. In many cases, those requirements vary not only from one industry to the next but from business to business as well. As such, marketing a specific company’s products and services can be particularly difficult. On top of that, understanding exactly what clients and prospects expect makes matters even more complicated. This is certainly true for companies that offer SaaS. Knowing how to market this unique solution is the key to success for such companies, but putting that concept into action isn’t quite so easy.

A Brief Explanation of SaaS

SaaS, or software as a service, is a distinct option for today’s businesses. As opposed to physical software, it’s a cloud-based solution. That means it allows businesses to access their data and other aspects from virtually anywhere as long as they have an internet-capable device and an internet connection. This gives companies that take advantage of SaaS a great deal more reach and versatility than those relying on on-premise software solutions.

Why Marketing SaaS Is Difficult

For businesses that offer SaaS, this creates several unique challenges. They have to market not only their software but also their accompanying services. That means content marketing for saas is exceptionally important but also incredibly intricate. Additionally, they must emphasize the scope and quality of their ongoing customer support options. Online marketing for SaaS must include all those elements and many others to be fully successful.

Essential Inclusions for SaaS Marketing

Companies offering SaaS need to include a range of factors in their marketing efforts. Overall, they must cover exactly what makes their products and services different from their competitors. That entails explaining to prospects what their company can offer and how those benefits solve clients’ varying problems and challenges. Is it more scalable than other SaaS solutions? Does it offer greater versatility than the other options available to today’s businesses? Any details that set a particular company’s SaaS solutions apart should be included in their content marketing efforts.

Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that businesses are no longer willing to take product and service providers at their word. They need to see their solutions in action to determine if they’re a good fit for their company’s unique needs. As such, companies offering SaaS must consider the benefits of offering free trials or demos for their prospects. Making those options known to prospects is also crucial. This simple-but-effective measure will lead to a great deal more conversions than standard marketing tactics alone. Providing reminders for current clients to renew their subscriptions will also provide measurable results.

Taking Full Advantage of SaaS Marketing

Marketing can be particularly difficult for companies that provide SaaS. That means creating a successful marketing strategy requires a great deal of thought and planning. Doing so also warrants looking a bit deeper into various marketing and advertising elements than companies in other industries. Marketing not only the software as a product but also all the services surrounding it will go a long way toward setting a business apart in its field. From there, distinguishing the company’s specific SaaS strong suits and keeping existing users interested will further foster client retention and new lead generation.