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Everett, WA – Easy Biz Tech LLC has released its newest marketing automation service, which is the most advanced and effective way of performing an online marketing campaign that is suitable for small businesses. The software is mainly programmed by a renowned online marketing service firm. The online marketing tool features a wide range of services that do not need to be done manually by the user – as the marketing campaign will be done in automation.

With the main purpose of providing the most effective way for small businesses to market their brands in a way that can save and money as well, the latest marketing automation software for small business formulated by Easy Biz Tech will be the one to do the job of marketing the brands and products of business by making the best promotions through emails, websites, social media platforms.

By availing of the services offered by Easy Biz Tech, small businesses now have the opportunity to present their brands and products to a wider audience without exerting a lot of effort on the part of the business owners and operators in marketing. All they have to do is to call Easy Biz Tech LLC to avail of their services, then leave the marketing job in the hands of the best online digital marketing company.

Only the Best Marketing Services Offered

The newest marketing automation software for small business by Easy Biz Tech LLC offers a wide range of services that provide the most effective marketing tools and plans to promote the brand and products of small businesses. One of the services include the option to make a business website. This is a highly effective vehicle to perform online marketing automation, to give small businesses the best platform to feature their brand, name, products, and services to a wide audience on the internet.

Aside from that, this automated marketing tool has the most reliable and relevant features that make engaging and timely posts, messages, and images that can be automatically posted and uploaded on websites and social media platforms and 

sent through their signature email marketing system. This feature is the most needed one by small businesses, as most people nowadays would get online through various platforms and websites on a daily basis – the perfect target audience to use the automated online marketing tool.

Time, Energy, and Money Saver

Easy Biz Tech LLC is aware of the growing competition among small businesses against one another and even against the biggest companies in terms of marketing and exposure to the wider audience. This is why they are geared to extend a hand on the small businesses who wanted to make it big in the online world by providing the easiest and the most effective marketing tool to promote their brand to millions of online users on a daily basis.

Instead of doing the time and energy-consuming task of doing the marketing job themselves, every small business owner can just leave the task to marketing automation software. There is no more need to manually post to social media and websites on a daily basis, as marketing automation software will do that, leaving more free time for business owners to focus on other aspects of their business, like brainstorming, planning, and quality checking.  This is also perfect for cutting costs for staffing and other possible expenses on marketing and promotion.

 Get The Most Exposure Online!

Marketing automation software will ensure small businesses always stay present in the online world on a daily basis – whether it be on social media platforms, websites, online forums, or email services. By entrusting the best digital transformation consulting services for automated posting and uploading, as well as automated sending of messages and emails, small businesses will be assured that their exposure will grow wider and wider in the long run, making the audience wider and potential clients grow more as well.

All you have to do is to contact Easy Biz Tech for availing their marketing automation software service for your business. By providing your details and your aim in terms of promoting your business, you will make the best decision to hand over the marketing service to the best marketing automation software – offered only by Easy Biz Tech LLC.

If you need to et more details about what marketing automation can do for your business, then you can reach out to Easy Biz Tech LLC, located in Seattle, WA. You can check them out through their official website, or get yourself a schedule for a 30-minute consultation to finally have marketing automation for your business!

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Easy Biz Tech LLC is a renowned online marketing service firm located in Everett, WA – only about 30 minutes north of Seattle, WA. Founded by US Navy veteran Alex Peña in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, this firm has been committed to providing help for small businesses and e-commerce shops to get more clients and wider audience exposure by providing online marketing tools.

Having an impressive history of working in the online marketing department of major tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Intel, Expedia, Zillow, and many others, Easy Biz Tech LLC is the most trusted marketing service firm to provide the best tools for driving the business forward to get the best exposure they deserve to the widest audiences online. It also has verified professional affiliations with Thumbtack, Coterie, Fiverr, Upwork, and Groupon Merchant – proof of its recognition as a professional in the online marketing business.

Operating as a virtual agency, Easy Biz Tech LLC is the most preferred service firm by businesses not only in Seattle but also all over the US and around the world. By providing great care and attention to what every business is about, their marketing tools and campaigns are among the best ones in the world that reflect the face and purpose of the business at their specific budget and needs.



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