Reasons That People Need A Lightning Warning App


For many years, the onset of lightning has been determined through predictions. People look at the horizon and say that there might be a lightning storm today or in the coming days. Another method that people use is through past experiences. When its springs, people are some areas expect lightning storms to hit their city. Some people go with their instincts, believing that a lightning storm will soon hit their spot. While it is vital that we are able to tell when lightning storms may come, the means, as mentioned above, are not accurate. Due to technology, the invention of a lightning warning app has come to liberate ourselves from inaccurate predictions.

Be Ahead of The Situation

Prevention will always be better than cure. Lightning storms have their dangers, giving the reason as to why people would rather know in time. Having an app that will notify everyone in good time that there will be a lightning storm comes in more than handy. There are several ways in which that one can prepare for a lightning storm, and knowing when to do so can help all to be ready in time. A lightning warning app is a vital means of disaster preparedness.

Ways in Which Lightning Can Be Prepared For

Once a person gets a warning from their lightning warning app, it should be an onset of preparation. It is not enough just to know that there is lightning coming up. One has to act on the news given. The first and simplest yet vital response to a lightning warning is going indoors or into a vehicle if there are no sturdy buildings in the vicinity. Staying outdoors puts one at a high risk of being a casualty to lightning. Once indoors, it is crucial to avoid any running water or landline phones. Lightning can easily travel through the above mediums in the form of electricity and cause harm. During the lightning storm, do not touch anything metal. Metal is a good conductor of electricity.

Property should also be protected. This can be done first and foremost by unplugging all electrical appliances. If not, they can be easily damaged. All the furniture that you keep outside should be secured well indoors. Avoid all flooded roadways, even if in a vehicle. It is advisable to park all cars in spaces that are not likely to get flooded. 

Top-Notch Accuracy

One of the shortcomings of predictions is that you cannot know the exact moment of the lightning storm. Some seasons are indeed more susceptible to lightning, such as spring. However, the season lasts about 90-days, it is impossible to depict precisely when in the season, lightning storms will occur. Lightning warning apps give us the edge that we need. The warnings give us a reasonable range, being able to know the where and the when that the storms are likely to occur. This gives ample time to prepare for the storms. One can cut tall trees, identify sturdy buildings, and buy surge protectors in preparation after the warnings.