Sayches’ Anonymous Pub, A Feature That Will Revolutionize the World of Social Media

567 is here to revolutionize the world of social network websites. The website will provide you with maximum security by allowing you to remain anonymous while enjoying various advantages of having social media presence. 

Today, you’ll struggle to find an individual who doesn’t have any anonymous social media presence. While this has allowed people to stay connected to each other, it also exposes them to various risks. The risks are higher if you are an opinionated person and like to share your thoughts on public forums. 

Sayches is a social media platform that will allow you to share your perceptions and thoughts while taking care of your privacy. Read the review below to know more. 

About Sayches 

Censorship is one of the biggest problems the current generation is facing. They do have several social media platforms to express their opinion. However, the censorship regulations of those websites stop them from speaking to prevent ghastly repercussions. Sayches will bring an end to such fears. Currently, users can see its beta version. However, the project will launch fully pretty soon. If you join the waitlist today, you’ll get a notification the moment the site gets launched. 

What Makes Sayches a Safe Social Media Platform?

Sayches has been designed to be a perfect alternative to Twitter. It is a micro blogging platform that features ephemeral content. To put it more bluntly, the content on the platform will disappear after 24 hours of being published. So, as a user of this upcoming Internet sensation, you’ll be able to post your unfiltered feelings and opinions without worrying about censorship or your security. 

Twitter doesn’t allow you to enjoy such freedom as a post gets deleted from Twitter only if the person posting it deletes it manually. 

According to experts, Sayches can be a perfect alternative to Twitter particularly for residents of countries experiencing Twitter ban. These include nations like Iran, India, Nigeria, etc.

Final Words

If you want social media platforms to be anti-surveillance, you should consider joining Sayches. It will allow you to express your opinion but without compromising your safety. Tech giants believe that this form of social media is here to stay.