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With a strong presence in high-tech sectors, the firm has knowledge and a strategic vision of five-year technologies. This understanding of technology allows it to offer a full range of services based on a concrete approach to the law, which combines the specific legal knowledge of a field and / or technology with that of the business concepts of the technological sectors. With the best school management software  you can find the best.

As part of its activity lawyer cloud computing and law, the law firm solicits all legal issues related:

  • access to applications or resources in the cloud
  • possible specific developments
  • the integration of several resources in the cloud with each other or with the pre-existing information system

Benefits lawyer cloud computingdefinition and fulfillment of service commitments (SLA, GTI, GTR)

  • maintenance and third-party application maintenance in the cloud
  • software and possibly data licenses
  • the protection of personal data
  • data security
  • underwriting and managing a cloud services catalog
  • the link between the use of services in the cloud and a business recovery plan (RTO, PTO)
  • cloud risk insurance
  • to the innovation strategy.

The firm has developed a strong expertise in contract management, whether in the management of the supply of products and services, in the management of relations between the parties or in the administrative management of the contract. He also audits pre-litigation situations, as well as the negotiation and execution of contracts and advises and assists his clients before the civil and commercial courts. You need the free online attendance tracker also.

The Legal Options

It can set up legal and operational assistance during the pre-contractual phase of the project (analysis and definition of legal and technical prerequisites, call for tenders), contractual negotiations and monitoring of the project in the implementation phase. It also has a competence in the field of legal assistance for project management (AMOA) in the context of monitoring or assistance throughout a computerization project, in order to ensure its security, especially during critical phases (recipe, endorsements, etc.) or in the pre-litigation phase.

His expertise in crisis cell management includes assisting with the definition of a strategic plan, the implementation of recommendations based on a strategy, the development and negotiation of contracts, identification , the classification of elements and technical problems or the setting up of operational tests.

In pre-litigation and contentious situations in computer science, the firm assesses the damages and harms with the help of a team of specialists. The use for the billing programs comes essential now.


Parallel to its activities in France, the law firm can rely on its international network Lexing, and its network of usual correspondents located around the world and intervenes for multinational companies.

Cloud Computing Team

The dedicated team intervenes on the customer’s site if the nature of the service requires it and can immediately constitute a crisis management unit if necessary.