Surface Disinfectant Spray In Singapore – Fomites To Focus On


Fomites are high-touch surfaces that can be found everywhere. What does high touch mean? It means surfaces or objects that are frequently touched by people. When using the surface disinfectant spray in Singapore, it is better to focus on fomites.

Since fomites are high touch, they harbour millions of bacteria and viruses from other people’s hands. These germs can be transmitted once another person touches the fomite and brings their hands onto their face.

What are the fomites at home and office? Here are the high-touch surfaces that you should focus on when disinfecting:


People open the door by twisting the door knobs or pushing and pulling the door handles. Imagine in an office building with hundreds of employees, how many have opened the door using the knob or handle? Perhaps, everyone.

To prevent spreading diseases into the office or house, always clean the door handles and knobs with an antibacterial spray every two hours if possible.


Other fomites are the switches are buttons. People touch light switches every day, be it the switch for the lobby, workspace, or restroom. These switches also harbour bacteria and viruses.

Elevator buttons, doorbells, digital locks, and air conditioning unit buttons are also considered fomites. People use them every day. Generally, they should be cleaned with a disinfectant spray in Singapore to kill the germs.


Be it a conference table, office table, or dinner table, previous users have run their hands and arms all over its surface, transmitting whatever germs they have in their hands to the furniture. Then, the following user will contract the germs by touching the table, too.

Countertops and sinks may have different sources of germs, too. For example, kitchen countertops and sinks may harbour infection-causing germs like salmonella and e.coli from raw meat.

Contracting these germs is highly possible with the lack of proper cleaning of the countertops and sinks before and after food preparation. Therefore, always clean tables and tops with an air spray disinfectant.


Mouse and computer keyboards may also harbour bacteria and viruses. Infected people sneeze in front of their computers. Sometimes, the bodily fluids they spew when talking also fall on the keyboard’s surface.

It could infect the person who will use the computer next. So before using your shared computer or laptop, disinfect the keyboard and mouse first with an antibacterial spray.

These are the fomites you should keep an eye on when cleaning and disinfecting using a surface disinfectant spray in Singapore.

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