Tablet stand suggestions for different sectors

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If you are buying tablets for reading pdf or for professional or business use, you must buy a tablet stand. You may buy  It is often the most ignored utility of a tablet. A tablet stand not only makes it easy to use the tablet but also protects against theft or other kinds of damage. Here are some tablet stands to look out for in different sectors.

Medical center

The most common uses of a mobile tablet in a medical center include entering the details of the patient or checking or updating the information of a patient. The best tablets for reading pdf in a medical center include:

  • The Twist: The Twist is the best choice of a mobile tablet for a medical center. It is compatible with different sizes from 8-inches to 11-inches and also allows the use of a wireless keyboard and mouse which expands its usage. It can also be locked which adds to its security.
  • The Edge: The Edge table stand is known for its durability and portability. This stand could be used at any place whether it be a counter, table, or even on the lap. Additionally, there is a 360-degree swivel mounting in case you feel the need to fix it in the counter so that you can swivel it for the patient to see it.

Business Kiosk

There is a need for a proper tablet stand in most business kiosks. There is always some visitor checking-in and a good tablet stand will certainly make you stand out from the rest. We are here to make your work easy in choosing a professional and durable table stand.

  • The Fusion: The Fusion is the first name that comes into mind when choosing a kiosk. It has all the major features including durability, security, and different ranges of stands and mountings. You can also lock the faceplate on its 1.2m pole.
  • Freedom: Freedom has all the basic features and it would complement your business environment.


The most important feature of a table stands for a school is durability. When students are using the tablet, you cannot compromise on the durability of the tablet stand which is going to protect the tablet. One good tablet is Fusion.

  • The Fusion: The Fusion has a durable plastic case with a metal faceplate which will ensure that the tablet is safe. It also a lock to protect against theft and robbery. There are also a lot of options for mounting it.


Depending on your area of usage of your table, you should buy a tablet stand at the earliest.