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Part-time or full-time company owners often choose to operate as sole proprietorships. Setting up a firm using this strategy is the simplest and most cost-effective. A personal checking account may be used to run your single proprietorship and reduce your state and federal taxes.

A sole proprietorship means that you are individually responsible for all of the company’s debts and liabilities. If you fall behind on your payments or owe money on your credit card debt, you run the risk of losing your personal property.


It is possible to make money on eBay by forming a partnership with one or more other individuals. While an informal agreement may begin, a formal written contract should always be made; evaluate all obligations, potential disagreements and constraints and provide for worst-case scenariosi.e., “What happens if.” From BTW Consulting you can have the best choice.

Profits are taxed on an individual basis and must be reported on Form 1065 by the partnership to the IRS (established by terms stated in the written agreement, or by percentage of ownership). Each spouse is legally accountable for the other as well as for oneself. If a lawsuit is filed, you and your partner may be on the hook for it, so be sure you and your partner understand your responsibilities and the laws that may apply.

A word of caution: eBay’s User Agreement stipulates that you may not “transfer your eBay account (including Feedback) and user ID to another person without our approval.”.

As a result, if you and your business partner decide to end your partnership, or you decide to go your own ways and create separate enterprises, you may have to start over from scratch or face a lengthy legal battle. It’s a good idea to peruse this agreement.

LLC (Limited Liability Partnership)

Liabilities of Limited Liability Companies are not often passed down to the company’s shareholders, as the name indicates. Owners’ liability is limited to the amount they contributed when they purchased stock in the firm.

However, when it comes to taxes, all of the company’s owners or members are held responsible. Individuals’ earnings and losses are determined based on their ownership or investment percentages when taxes are payable. The Form 1065 must still be filled to ensure that members are properly reporting their income. It is possible for the LLC to lower the tax paid by its members by paying as an LLC and retaining part of its income. For eBay listing service this is important.


Unlike a sole proprietorship, a corporation is a self-governing legal body. If you’re an employee-owner, you can’t use business funds for personal expenses. It has to be for a legitimate reason that can be proven in court.

You may choose between an S or a C company when forming your business. In the first case, earnings may be deducted from your personal tax return, but in the second, the company is responsible for filing its own tax returns, and you are now considered an employee. The amount of tax you owe and the regulations you must follow will be determined by the state in where your business is registered. Before forming a company, research the tax rates in your state and make sure you fully understand the ramifications for you as a business owner and employee.